The Standing Ministries and their duties are:


Arts Ministry

The Arts Ministry is responsible for planning cultural events, including but not limited to: art shows, concerts, exhibits, coffee house programs, plays, etc. The Arts Ministry Leader is Keith Jordan. The Art Gallery and Craft Show are coordinated by Roberta Green.


Building and Grounds Ministry

The Building and Grounds Ministry is responsible for maintaining and improving the property, real and personal, of the Congregation. It reviews all contracts essential to the maintenance of the building and grounds at least once a year. The Building and Grounds Ministry Leader is Jay Beaumont.


Sunday Services Ministry

The Sunday Services Ministry, together with the Minister, is responsible for assuring the planning and publicizing of the Sunday morning services. The Sunday Services Ministry Leader is Bill Domanico.


Social Action Ministry

The Social Action Ministry informs the Congregation of opportunities for individual or collective action in addressing social problems, and informs the Board of any disbursement of budgeted charitable funds. The Social Action Ministry currently consists of the Black Lives Matter Task Force under the leadership of Verne Bell, the Sanctuary Task Force under the leadership of Laura Bair, and the UU UNO Envoy Jamie Capach.


Stewardship & Finance Ministry

The Stewardship & Finance Ministry is responsible for the preparation of the budget, which is presented at the Annual Congregational Meeting.  It also organizes the annual stewardship pledge drive and supervises the Equal Exchange Store and Coffee Shop. The Stewardship and Finance Ministry leader is Linda Mangelsdorf.


Welcoming Ministry

The Welcoming Ministry is responsible for welcoming newcomers at worship services; together with the minister, orienting newcomers and new members to the functions of the Congregation; maintaining contact with newcomers, friends and members; and keeping the membership file current. The Welcoming Ministry Leader is Patti Smyth Beaumont.


Communications Ministry

The Communications Ministry is responsible for publicizing all events sponsored by the Congregation, as requested by the Board, Ministry Leaders, or the Minister.  It also maintains and updates the website; publishes a newsletter of congregational activities; and coordinates external communication including the road sign message, press releases, brochures and other UUCRT publications. The Communications Ministry Leader is John Kinney.


Lifespan Religious Exploration

The Lifespan Religious Exploration Ministry is responsible for planning and coordinating religious exploration programs for adults, youth and children of the Congregation; interviewing prospective teachers and nursery aides and making personnel recommendations to the Board; and ensuring the presence of full staff and volunteers as needed for LRE Classes.The Lifespan Religious Exploration Ministry Leader is Laura Bair.


Green Sanctuary

The Green Sanctuary Ministry works with the Congregation’s other ministries to provide environmental programs for the Congregation and the wider community; and facilitate the Congregation’s efforts to seek and maintain accreditation as a Green Sanctuary, as granted by the UUA. The Green Sanctuary Ministry is currently functioning as a sub-ministry of the Social Action Ministry.


Special Ministries

The President and/or the Board appoints special ministries as needed. The recommendations of such ministries are approved by the Board before being carried out.