Invitation to Open House

Pine Island’s Black Dirt region has produced millions of tons of onions and at least one noted sculptor.

Frank Shuback’s family farmed onions, lettuce and other produce from the nutrient-rich Pine Island soil. Motivated by a very encouraging teacher, young Shuback took a different course –fine arts. Like the slowly retreating glacier that left those rich deposits in southern Orange County, his artistic career did not blossom overnight. He spent years pursuing his education and as a commercial artist and carpenter while also following his passion in sculpting and mixed media.

He’ll be displaying some of those works – both old and new — at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Rock Tavern in September and October. The public, and friends and members, are invited to an open house, with refreshments, Saturday, Oct. 7 from 2 to 4 pm at the congregation’s 9 Vance Road Fellowship Hall in the New Windsor hamlet of Rock Tavern.
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Vogel and Kellogg to perform at the UUCRT

At the UUCRT on 10/14/23 at 4 pm Elfin
Vogel, violinist, and Hollis Kellogg, pianist,
will perform works by Mozart, Schubert, and Dvorak.

Performing together for nearly a decade, Elfin and Hollis are always looking to expand their repertoire and promote good music.

Mr. Vogel is a dealer in quality string instruments, and Mr. Kellogg is a retired Occupational Therapist who has given piano concerts in the area.

Admission is $15 or a goodwill donation.

Location: UUCRT, 9 Vance Rd, Rock Tavern, NY 12575

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