Many of our members will recall the fire that burned the UUCRT’s double A-frame building to the ground in September, 2006. The following week, the nearby Blooming Grove Church of Christ invited us to hold our services in their building until we were able to make plans.

For three months, through that generosity, our members were able to be located in the same neighborhood, and begin the healing process. That gift has never been forgotten.

When the news of the devastating fire in Maui on August 8 included word that the Waiola Church of Christ had been similarly affected by fire, the UUCRT Board of Trustees voted unanimously to send a donation to support their rebuilding.

The treasurer of the Waiola Board of Trustees has reported that their Maui
property, with one wall of the historic Church still standing, continues to be
restricted and reconstruction has not yet begun. The Congregation greatly appreciates our gift.
–Linda Mangelsdorf 2006-2010 UUCRT building committee member

2023 Pledge Drive

Throughout the turbulent year just passed, our Congregation has adapted. Many are using more internet than ever before! As we have no clear knowledge of the future, our April Pledge Drive will, again, be a virtual event.

This is our opportunity to show our gratitude. To give back financially to the best of our ability, and to do our part to ensure the ongoing presence of
the UUCRT in the Hudson Valley.

This year’s Pledge Drive runs from April 1 – 25 in order to prepare and distribute the proposed budget before our May 17 Annual Congregational Meeting. Thank you for using this form to indicate your generous support for the financial future of the UUCRT.

2020 Pledge Drive

Due to COVID-19, the Pledge Drive Luncheon was cancelled for this year. To make your pledge, an option has been added to the WebPay page of our website or you can find it under the DONATE tab.

2019 Pledge Drive

On April 14, 2019, a “Soup-er” Lunch was served in the Fellowship Hall, as members gathered to consider the future of the Congregation at the Annual Pledge Drive.  Food and fellowship followed by budgetary information with Q & A from our Treasurer, Alan Horne, rounded out the day.