“Living the Questions”

In Person and via Zoom. Our flaming chalice light means different things to different people. It was purposely designed with  lack of clarity and  intentionally left open to interpretation.

For example, what is the symbolism of the flaming chalice for you personally? If you have not … read more.

How Important Are First Impressions to You?

We often say that we try to not judge someone on their appearance, but is that true? Why do most people think so much about how they themselves look? Especially when they are young. Or getting ready to go to the office. Or when going … read more.

Sabbat of Mabon

Bernadette will offer an introduction to the Pagan or Wiccan wheel of the year, specifically Mabon which is the autumn equinox. It is also known as the mid-harvest festival which occurs on/or around September 21st