Welcome to Rock Tavern

Membership in the UUCRT is about belonging. If you decide you belong with us then we will welcome you as a member. Membership is also about becoming a steward of the living tradition that is Unitarian Universalism, embracing the interdependent web of existence of which are all are a part, and deepening our collective commitment to values-based living.


Preparing for Membership

Prospective members are required to attend the New to UU Information Session. These classes are currently suspended due to COVID-19, but will be posted as soon as we can.

Why Become a Member?

Some of the many great reasons to become a member of the congregation at Rock Tavern include:
  • Opportunity to be part of a community of caring people
  • Opportunity to learn and grow as a person
  • Opportunity for spiritual growth
  • Opportunity to make a contribution to the community through social justice activities.
  • Opportunity to develop leadership and interpersonal skills.
  • Opportunity to vote in congregational meetings to elect leaders or adopt a budget.
  • Opportunity to call a minister or adopt elements of a strategic plan.
  • Opportunity to attend district Unitarian Universalist events/activities.
  • Subscription to the UU World magazine

What are Responsibilities of Membership?

Some of the responsibilities of membership include:
  • Attend Sunday services regularly.
  • Work on your Spiritual Development.
  • Serve the Congregation with your talents and interests. The opportunities for involvement are many: teaching our children, helping with coffee hour, sharing your musical talents at worship services, or leading a service project are just some of the ways to get involved. You may also consider joining one of our ministries.
  • Pledge at a stewardship level. Each year, every member of the Congregation is contacted to make a monetary contribution of record. This commitment is either made during our annual pledge drive (held September/October) or upon joining the Congregation. Giving financially, as one is able, is crucial to the health of the Congregation and its ability to serve its members and the community at large. Since each of us is at a different place financially, we ask members to consider making a pledge equal to 3% or more of their adjusted annual income.
By becoming a member of our Congregation, you become part of a growing, living institution. Members bring to the Congregation their talent, energy, conviction and financial support, knowing that this community will prosper as we invest ourselves in it.

Joining the Congregation/Membership Ceremony

Membership is a public commitment to support the values and principles of liberal religion, to support and encourage one’s own and others’ efforts to grow spiritually, and to support the Congregation and the denomination.
Any person who is at least 13 years of age and in general sympathy with the Congregation’s Mission and programs may become a member. Voting members are 18 years or age or older. Junior members are 13-17 and are neither eligible to vote nor required to make a financial contribution.
We welcome new members at a membership ceremony where new members stand at the front of the Sanctuary and recite words of covenant with the congregation. We will then ask that the new members sign the membership book to signify their commitment to the benefits and responsibilities of membership.