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Note from the Board – Summer 2022

The Board of Trustees of UUCRT is saddened to announce that Patrick O’Neill has resigned as President and board member.

Patrick wrote, “I no longer find myself aligned with certain directions of the congregation, and do not feel I can provide effective leadership in matters that … read more.

President’s Message – June 2022

It is too soon to proclaim “We have weathered  every storm” but our humble congregation has at  least survived “the slings and arrows of outrageous  fortune”. (It is best to not look up the rest of these  literary quotes). Despite the vast challenges of  economic … read more.

President’s Message – May 2022

Message about Words
On the day I write this, April 24, 2022, it is the anniversary of the founding of the Library of Congress in 1800. A dozen years later, the British
came and burned the collection (and a lot of other stuff in Washington DC) and … read more.

Notes from the Board – May 2022

Membership Enhancement Group: Approximately 8 people attend the meetings. Working on pamphlets/flyers to get our message out.Covid Food. Bill is researching ways to add fresh produce to groceries that families receive.Hudson Valley Folk Guild to resume in-person concerts.  Update-concerts on hold until September.Delegate to General … read more.

President’s Message April 16, 2022

Special Message on Responding to the Ukraine Crisis

As President of the Board of Trustees, I have received a lot of communication (in-person, by phone, by electronic messages, and by attending services, concerning our response to the Russian invasion of their Democratic neighbor. 

While most or all … read more.

Notes from the Board – April 2022

Minister’s Discretionary Fund renamed as Congregation’s Discretionary Fund. Requests for financial assistance can be sent to

Membership Enhancement Group is actively working on several possible opportunities.

Kathy Bader has joined the Care Team.

Covid Food delivery: Bill and Nora continue to deliver food biweekly in New Windsor … read more.

President’s Message – April 2022

   As I write this column, our 6th UU Principle – “The goal of world community with peace, liberty, and justice for all” – is, like the people of Ukraine, being bloodied and bludgeoned and set back once again.

   I do not know what will happen to … read more.

Please Wear a Mask: Update on UUCRT Pandemic Precautions

From: John Patrick O’Neill, Ph.D., president  While the COVID pandemic in America has shown signs of lessening, and governments have been lifting mask and vaccination mandates in many areas, our congregation is encouraged to again open our building for in-person services. This Sunday we welcome Rev. Chris … read more.

Notes from the Board – March 2022

New LED lights installed in parking lot.Fair Share pledge paid to UUATo increase UUCRT visibility it was suggested that members and friends provide a recommendation on YELP.As a result of the Special Congregational Meeting Jan 9, Marketing and Membership Enhancement groups have begun meeting.