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Notes from the Board

Notes from the December 5, 2023 BOT Meeting
• Sullivan Fire Protection Co. was called to inspect and repair system as there was water in the basement after the Dec.11 storm.
• Jim Tarvin agreed to contact Mike’s handyman to clean gutters.
• Nan reported that we have … read more.

President’s Message

It’s your living room and
with your most precious
furniture and china on
display, the grandkids are
on the floor, you are in
the room and so is your guest which
happens to be a live elephant. You want to
be hospitable but are very nervous. You
don’t want to … read more.

Minister’s Message

A Recipe for Hope: Adjust Accordingly.
It’s a question we all wrestle with: How do you hold on to hope in a world so overrun with injustice and inequity?

2023 was such a tumultuous year that I have heard from many that they feel almost frightened or … read more.

Notes from the Board

Notes from the December 5, 2023 BOT Meeting

*Markly and Bill will decide if there is a need for a weather-related closing. Sunday Services ministry will determine if Zoom services are possible and John Kinney will send out an eBlast informing the congregation. *Some details expanded … read more.

President’s Message

A UU Out of the Box Way to Celebrate the New Year

Our cultures, religions, and large corporations have guided us to different ways of ringing out the old year and bringing in the new. These include, among other traditions and practices, the dropping ball at … read more.

Minister’s Message

On or near the first Sunday in January, many Unitarian Universalist congregations hold a ritual to bid farewell to the old year, and to release it. It is also a chance to dream of creating a better tomorrow, and to offer hope for the promise … read more.

Notes from the Board

11/7/23 meeting

Birch school contract approved and signedConversations with Birch school about security are continuing.In the future Sunday services will plan that congregational meetings will be on the 3rd Sundays of May and November.Volunteers are still needed for tech support during Sunday services.Notices of Sunday services … read more.

Notes from the Board

Revised Birch contract sent to school with Maintenance agreement

Welcoming ministry will plan new member service for friends who have asked to join.

Caring ministry reports there have been several needs being addressed.

Religious Education is off to a great start with new families with children attending.

Arts ministry … read more.

Notes from the Board: 9/7/23 BOT meeting

The Birch School contract continues to be discussed.

The BOT is meeting with Ed Helbig from the Birch School and Jay Beaumont to learn more about the maintenance needs of our building. A maintenance services agreement will come from these meetings.Estimates have been received for resealing … read more.

Notes from the Board – July 2023

Due to the end of fiscal year surplus, the 10% of budget equaling $7,140 was put into reserve, as required in the bylawsDiscussion of the Birch school contract centered on the maintenance agreement that was made in the current contract. A Zoom meeting was scheduled … read more.