Category: From the Board of Trustees

Notes from the Board

The BOT had a very constructive meeting with our new administrative assistant, Donna Polat. Elizabeth Mehling and Rose O’Neill will work with Donna on live streaming Sunday services. Dahlia’s Dances of International Peace are on hold while she recovers from a shoulder injury.The spring congregational meeting will … read more.

Acting President’s Message

 The UUCRT is a place that we enjoy coming to, to be with like-minded independent thinkers to enjoy sharing a broad spectrum of spiritual beliefs as well.   We don’t make you kneel or confess. Never did, never will.

   But it does take money, talent and energy to run a … read more.

Notes from the Board April 2023

• The BOT celebrated the hiring of Donna Polat as our administrative assistant. She will work 5 hours a week, usually on Mondays.

• Since the Food Program was started to assist those in need during the pandemic, and since the Food Pantry in Middletown is … read more.

Acting President’s Message – April 2023

Greetings! We made it through another winter and we look forward to springing ahead and moving forward.

Spring means nature begins anew and life begins again. And so does our congregation. During April our annual pledge drive takes place so we can present a … read more.

Acting President’s Message – March 2023

I am very proud and excited to announce that our very own Diane Diachishin will become our Resident Minister! A Letter of Agreement will be signed on March 5th in a brief ceremony when she will be leading a service that Sunday. She was ordained in … read more.

Notes from the Board – March 2023

The Birch school arranged for window cleaning and we will split costs of $1100 with them. While we search for an administrator, Elizabeth Mehling, Rose O’Neill and Elizabeth Tarvin will work to keep the website up to date.The BOT voted unanimously to accept the recommendation of … read more.

Notes from the Board – Oct. 2022

• We should expect a significant sprinkler system expense next month.

• The Birch school contract negotiations have been postponed.

• Due to reduced availability, food pickup will be every 3 weeks, with
less food provided.

• The required form for reserving the building for events is on … read more.

President’s Message – Oct. 2022

Welcome to October! Autumn is in the air and hopefully soon we can expect some crisp and cool Sunday mornings together.

As a small religious, spiritual institution, we value our time together on Sunday mornings, but it goes way beyond that. Many volunteers keep the … read more.

Notes from the Board – Sept. 2022

• Garbage costs reduced due to  change in status. 

• Utilities costs have increased. 

• Dates for upcoming events selected  (see calendar) 

• Board liaisons to ministries selected. Bill Domanico will assume position of liaison to Birch School.

• Contract between UUCRT and Birch  School to be negotiated in Aug.