President’s Message

What are we taking for granted?

I felt a special glow during and after a recent service, and in reflecting on it, I realize that amidst the routines and hustle and bustle of today’s life, I often overlook the gifts and blessings that surround us, so please indulge in me as I reflect on the Sunday Service of June 23, 2024 and the blessings it has inspired me to acknowledge.

All praises to the 10 volunteers who make up the Sunday Services Ministry. They devise and print the program, secure the presenters, organize the order of service, also assign and direct the worship associate. I was impressed with the opening words that we all read together, they started with “Respect Earth, Respect Life”. Then, again together, we all read the Chalice Lighting that started with “We are a People of Beauty. Recognizing the beauty around us and within us? That too was uplifting.

We were then taken to a higher level by the Time for All Ages: In which the book,
written by our own Jim Tarvin about the various phases of life in a forest over the
months of a year, was read by Jim in conjunction with little June and illustrations
from the book were presented on the screen. Hearing the story of the insects and
animals and trees and the seasons of the forest read simultaneously by someone less than 10 years old and someone more than 80 years old made it an absolutely touching presentation.

Then there was the Sermon – “What’s All the Buzz About Pollinators?” in which Anne Wibiraiske brought to our attention the profound depletion of insects Worldwide, their critical role in maintaining plant life particularly our fruit and vegetables and concluded with suggestions on specific action we could take to help mitigate this loss.

The closing words of the service started with “Climate change is real, but so is our
power to change it.” But there is more! Then Bernadette came in with the RE children wearing the hats and other craft they made, and they explained what they
did and learned, and this was all in line with the theme of the service.

So, this has all left me to recognize more and express gratitude for our Religious
Education Ministry and the infectious enthusiasm of Bernadette who has effectively alerted and engaged the kids in exploring subjects, including justice, equity and compassion, the life cycle of plants, joyful play, enjoying the outdoors and others in which they do not only listen but also experience, create, and discuss.

We are grateful also for Michelle who not only chairs the Ministry but also has totally transformed the look and feel of the quiet room and continues to bring a refreshing perspective to our activity. This is all building on the foundation laid by Linda who has for years supported the RE program through calm and storms.
We also take for granted the smiling greeters who assign and devote their time
behind the desk each Sunday. We take for granted Alan who is always the first to make the coffee and prepare, organize and present the eats and drinks for after
service. Then there’s Robin who is invariably the first to arrive and last to close our doors, and Hollis who plays the piano to open and during the service. When we recognize and acknowledge each big and small contribution, cherish each moment, treasure every relationship, and embrace the abundance that surrounds us, we receive a deeper sense of contentment and fulfillment and joy.
–Markly Wilson