Congregational Covenant
(adopted by the congregation May 15, 2011)

We covenant with each other, promising our goodwill and honest effort, pledging our care and support to one another and to our UUCRT community, challenging one another to live in accord with our Unitarian Universalist principles. With this common purpose as our source, we covenant:

  • To welcome all who come to us with acceptance and respect for the differences among us;
  • To practice patience and speak honestly and with compassion;
  • To reflect carefully about the potential results of our words and actions before we speak or act;
  • To keep our discussions to topics and issues rather than personalities;
  • To acknowledge that we may not always agree with group decisions, but we still support and participate in decision-making processes that are collaborative and democratic;
  • To seek to resolve disagreements to our mutual satisfaction and ask for help when needed;
  • To speak directly to those with whom we have disagreements;
  • To facilitate direct communication between parties in conflict, when appropriate;
  • To act with loving kindness, seeking to promote justice, equity, and compassion;
  • To speak out with loving kindness when we witness disrespectful interactions; and
  • To understand that building our beloved community requires learning and practice.

Our UUCRT Mission Statement
(adopted by the congregation in 2007)

We, the members of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Rock Tavern, join together:

  • To celebrate our place within the sacred web of existence, through the arts, our actions, and the spoken word,
  • To encourage spiritual growth through all stages of life,
  • To foster healing for the earth and all living creatures through works of compassionate justice,

We unite our hearts and hands in hope and love to create the beloved community.