Our Sunday services are held at 9 Vance Rd, Rock Tavern, NY at 10:30 a.m., unless otherwise noted.

While we make every intention to publish an accurate calendar, topics may be subject to change. Please consult uucrt.org for the most up-to-date listings.

We welcome all seekers regardless of age, creed, race, ability/disability, class, sexual orientation, and gender identity.

Nov. 3:  Rev. Chris J. Antal, Brief service followed by Semi Annual Congregational Meeting. 

Nov. 10: Gabrielle Hill, Why Am I Here?  Finding Life’s Purpose through Faith, Activism and Restorative Justice Community Circles. Gabrielle Hill will discuss the way in which the grassroots Restorative Justice Center in Newburgh, NY uses a community- entered model rooted in the wisdom of teens, teachers, law enforcement, the incarcerated, neighbors, and families. She will discuss the use of Community Circles, building bridges and connection to handle conflicts without court intervention.


Nov. 17: Rev. Chris J. Antal, Covenant and Conquest How ought we remember the origins of the United States and what lessons might such remembering have for our lives today?

Nov. 24: Mike Nichols, How Do You Decorate Your Soul?  A spotlight on what we look like on the inside.


Oct. 6: Rev. Chris J.  Antal, The Power of We

Part One—What is a time you felt the power of we in Unitarian Universalism?

 Oct. 13: Michael Nichols, The Man Who Saved the World

The little-known story of how one man’s decision likely saved the entire planet and how a tragedy years earlier shaped his thinking.

 Oct. 20: Rev. Chris J. Antal, The Power of We

Part 2—What will it take for Unitarian Universalism to fully embody the power of we?

Oct. 27: Felice Gelman, Art as Resistance

Felice has worked with the Freedom Theatre in a Palestinian refugee camp in Jenin since 2006 until present day. There, she met three extraordinary individuals from diverse backgrounds who believed in the power of art to be transformative in a conflict zone. They have reached thousands of Palestinians of all ages, trained several acclaimed Palestinian actors and toured the world.


Sept. 1: Cynthia Gilkeson & Bill Domanico will lead a Labyrinth Walk and Meditation

 Sept. 8: Rev. Chris Antal, Water Communion In-gathering. Bring water from near and far to celebrate our connection to one another and the earth.

 Sept. 15: Barrie Peterson, When You Find Out Your Ancestors Owned Slaves

Sept. 22: Rev. Chris Antal, Power and Light

This past May Rev. Antal rode his bike to Washington, D.C., with Interfaith Power and Light (IPL). The UUCRT is a member congregation of the New York chapter of IPL. Rev. Antal will share about his ride, along with the history and purpose of IPL, and explore what member congregations like the UUCRT are doing, or can do.

Followed by “Bike to Beer.” We will depart the UUCRT at 1 p.m., ride our bikes about 6 miles to Loughran’s Irish Pub, 10 School House Road, Salisbury Mills. Our route will be along 207 and Station Road. For those who would like to ride with Rev. Antal to the UUCRT in the morning, you are invited to park for free at the Salisbury Mills Cornwall Metro Station (about 1 mile from Loughran’s) and rendezvous at Cumberland Farms, 1634 State Route 34, Salisbury Mills at 8 a.m.

Sept. 29: Jaye Moyer, Exploring Forgiveness –

Zen teacher, Joko Beck wrote: “Our failure to know joy is a direct reflection of our inability to forgive.”

Starting with this understanding, we will explore the experience of forgiveness. Forgiveness can be a long and arduous path. What are the obstacles that we confront along this path? How might we begin or move in the direction to soften and release the armor of resistance and allow more space to grow freedom, spontaneity and joy.


July 7: General Assembly Service – Michael Nichols and Verne Bell

We will show an edited version of this service which is a great way to connect our congregation with the annual GA.  It gives us a chance to see the whole of which our UUCRT is only a small part.

July 14: Embodying our Goodbyes—Terri Pahucki

How do we move into change with our full selves? Together we will bring focus to the endings and transitions in our lives, that we might embrace openings of liberation and joy.

July 21: Exploring Forgiveness – Jaye Moyer

Zen teacher, Joko Beck wrote: “Our failure to know joy is a direct reflection of our inability to forgive.”

Starting with this understanding, we will explore the experience of forgiveness. Forgiveness can be a long and arduous path. What are the obstacles that we confront along this path? How might we begin or move in the direction to soften and release the armor of resistance and allow more space to grow freedom, spontaneity and joy?

July 28: Poetry Service– Mike Landrum and Hollis Kellogg

Annual Summer Poetry Service led by Mike Landrum and Hollis Kellogg.   The Congregation and guests are encouraged to bring poetry you love or you wrote that has a deep felt spiritual  meaning to you. You can also read passages or sing a song. Come one, come all!

Aug. 4: Joe Alvarez

Aug. 11: Rev. Chris J. Antal 

Aug. 18: Participatory Service – Linda Mangelsdorf/Michael Nichols 

Aug. 25: Rev. Chris J. Antal and Terri Pahucki 

Sept. 1: Labyrinth Walk

June 2: Happiness or Joy? – Mike Landrum

A discussion on the topic of The Second Mountain by David Brooks and how it might apply to UUCRT.

June 9: “The Personal is Spiritual” – Guest Lay Leader Vickie Anne O’Dougherty                                                  On this 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Rebellion in New York City, Vickie will  look back at how her  lesbian life was formed in spite of, in reaction to, and by her  spirituality.

June 16: Pet Fathers – Bill Domanico                                 Our 7th Principle says,” Respect for the Interdependent Web of all existence of which we are a part” and that includes our animal friends. On this Father’s Day, men (and women), what have we learned about ourselves and the world around us by taking care of animals in our lives?

June 23: Flower Communion Sunday – Terri Pahucki

We will celebrate the larger Unitarian Universalist circles we belong to beyond the congregation. Our service will include a flower ceremony from our UU tradition. Please bring a flower to share in our community bouquet. We will also share highlights from General Assembly and a coming of age journey in faith formation.

June 30: Our Search for Meaning – Michael Nichols    We will look at how living the third and fourth principles – acceptance of one another and encouragement to spiritual growth in our congregations and the free and responsible search for truth and meaning – can result in the by-product of happiness.

May 5: Michael Nichols

Justice, equity, and compassion in human relations

“John Adams and the Boston Massacre”

May 12: Hollis Kellogg

 Do We Need Mystery?

May 19: Terri Pahucki

Spring Congregational Meeting

Our lay commissioned minister will conduct a brief service before we adjourn to the Congregational Meeting

 May 26: Michael Nichols, Verne Belle and Diane Diachishin  

Memorial Day Reflections

Where is your heart, mind, and spirit on Memorial Day 2019? Join us to reflect together and look deeply at this holiday.  Please bring a short poem, music, or reading to share with others.

April 7: Alice Shane and Cynthia Gilkeson

A visit with anthropologist, author and folklorist, Zora Neale Hurston

April 14: Mike Landrum – Why I am a UU

Part two of the talk scheduled for March 10 and partly snowed out.

April 21: Terri Pahucki –  The Earth Sings Salvation

In this Easter Season, is there any good news? Where are the resurrections of life in a time of ecological devastation? Does universalist salvation have meaning for us today?

April 28: Jaye Moyer – The Benefactor Practice

This is a meditation practice that has been adapted from Tibetan Buddhist tradition. It offers us the experience of receiving love unconditionally so that we can, in turn, offer our love to others.  It is for people of all faith backgrounds and traditions. Please join us in learning more about this beautiful resource.


March 3: Rev. Jan Carlsson-Bull

Fish Gotta Swim, Birds Gotta Fly  

Giving back, freeing up, returning, releasing:

epiphanies, all of them transforming, all, about letting go.

March 10: Mike Landrum, UUCRT Board President

Why I’m a Unitarian Universalist

After 25 years of membership and leadership our president comes clean! (Did you know he’s been president four times?)

 March  17: Mike Landrum and Diane Diachishin

Our Own Diversity

Mike and Diane turn the spotlight on the congregation and open a discussion about why we come here, what we get and what we wish to get from UUCRT.

March 24: Michael Nichols

The Inherent Worth and Dignity of EVERY Person

A message of introspection, looking at how we love one another.

 March 31: Terri Pahucki

Trust Falls

Trust plays an important part in letting go. In whom or what do we place our trust? How do we develop the trust that will help us to let go of scarcity and fear, and give ourselves more fully to abundant life?

Feb. 3: Rev. Chris J. Antal

Thriving Amidst the New Abnormal

Faced with “a disturbing reality in which things are not getting better,” what value might spiritual disciplines bring to our lives?

 Feb. 10: Guest Speaker

Feb. 17:  Terri Pahucki

Praying with Our Lives

What does prayer mean to us as Unitarian Universalists? Our service draws on the wisdom of Howard Thurman, Mary Oliver, and other everyday mystics as we explore this spiritual practice.

Feb. 24: Rev. Chris J. Antal

Together in Solitude

What is the spiritual discipline of solitude? How does solitude contribute to spiritual growth and ethical living?

Jan 6: Rev. Chris J. Antal

On Grace and Disgrace

We find ourselves in an age of amazing disgrace. What is grace and does it matter? And do we find it or create it ourselves or something else?

Jan. 13: Terri Pahucki

Full of Grace

How might we give and receive gifts that heal our Earth and change our lives?

Jan. 20:  Michael Nichols

The Inherent Worth and Dignity of EVERY person


Jan. 27: Bruce Knotts and Rev. Chris J. Antal

Courage and Kindness in Troubled Times


Dec 2:  Rev. Chris J. Antal

Peace with Pain

Privilege provides us the choice to pay attention to pain and seek to relieve it, or insulate ourselves in anesthetizing slumber. How we choose determines whether become compassionate, or something less.

Dec. 9: Michael Nichols

Hiawatha and the Peacemaker

The message will focus on the conversion of Hiawatha during a visit from the great Peacemaker and the way in which this story can relate to us today. A message of finding the inner strength and motivation to “be” better people, not to simply “try to act” like better people.

Dec. 16: Alice Nielsen-Shane

The Search for Higher Truth

This service will be an exploration of how imagination, science fiction and fantasy shape our reality and our search for a higher truth.  Come and write your own story of creation and time as we know it.

Dec. 23: The Rev. Chris J. Antal

On Darkness

A reflection on the role of darkness in human religious experience through time.

Dec. 24, Monday, Christmas Eve: Terri Pahucki

Our Christmas Eve service will lift up a message of peace and goodwill. The service includes our traditions of candle-lighting and caroling. There will be a hot cocoa and cookies reception before the service at 4:30 p.m.  The service begins at 5 p.m.

Dec. 30: Jon Mundy, PhD

The Healing Power of Humor

Followed by a 1 to 4 p.m. workshop on The Power of Decision. $25 registration but no one turned away who cannot pay. For Information/Directions: 845-496-9089

Nov. 4:  Rev. Chris J. Antal

The Gratitude Trap

How too much focus on gratitude stunts our growth. This service will be followed by an information session where newcomers can meet the minister and learn about Unitarian Universalism.

Nov. 11: Terri Pahucki

Are We Grateful Enough?  

A reflection on the theme of gratitude for these times. Service followed by Community Potluck Lunch and Looking Deeply Sharing Circle

Nov. 18: Fall Congregational Meeting

After a brief service congregational members will consider and vote on important issues.

Nov. 25:Diane Diachishin

Dayenu: Developing a Daily Practice of Gratitude

Dayenu means approximately “It would have been enough.” It is a way of saying, there are gifts, even in the midst of this hard time. Gratitude is a virtue that, when we cultivate it with practice, allows us to keep our minds on what matters. Please join us for a Thanksgiving holiday service where we will explore together how to develop  a daily practice of gratitude.

Oct. 7: Rev. Chris J. Antal
’18th Year’
On Oct. 2, a diverse group of people converged on the White House united in their demand to end the U.S. war in Afghanistan. Rev. Antal was among them. In this
statement the congregation can sign together.

Oct. 14: Bill Domanico
Spiritual Transplants
Many of us were not born Unitarian Universalists. So what were some of our previous spiritual backgrounds and what led us here?

Oct. 21: Terri Pahucki
Embracing Diversity
Unity is not achieved by erasing difference, but by embracing it. What might it look like to live this kind of community in the world?

Oct. 28: Rev. Chris J. Antal
Death and Diversity
Our mortality is one common denominator that unites humanity, yet the diversity of views we hold about the meaning of death and what, if anything, comes after, is far-ranging. In this service, Rev. Antal will invite the congregation to explore this diversity together, and perhaps discover some unity along the way.


Sept. 2:  Bill Domanico

The Inherent Worth and Dignity

Is there a line that can be drawn with those that wish us wrong or harm?


Sept. 9:  Rev. Chris J. Antal

Ours to Do

Can we do it? Is it ours to do? We launch the new congregational year discerning call in community.

Bring water to share from places near and far for our annual water communion.


Sept. 16: Mike Landrum

To Be Announced


Sept. 23:  Rev. Chris J. Antal

Peace in Our Times

What does the current moment ask of we who have committed ourselves to peace advocacy?


Sept. 30:  Terri Pahucki

Saying Yes

A reflection on  vocation and calling.


July 1:  Peace Through Food and Music

Bill Domanico

Food and music can bring people together. Can they put a dent in hatred and racism?


July 8:  Are UU’s Required to Be Activists?

Verne Bell and Diane Diachishin will lead a discussion based on an article in the previous issue of UU World.


July 15: May We Be Well

Terri Pahucki

How can we journey toward healing, health and wholeness together?


July 22:  Bring a Poem!

Mike Landrum and Alice Nielsen-Shane

A program on Kahlil Gibran and other favorite poets – a participatory program. Bring a poem to contribute!


July 29: Rediscovering Passionate Expression

Lisa (Ayleeza) Quattrocchi and Julian Broughton

The husband and wife belly dance team Ayleeza and Julian return with a program that will engage us in a discussion about how dance, music and drumming have reconnected them to their core essence and made their marriage stronger.


Aug. 5: Blessing of Animals and Plants

Evan Pritchard

Bring photos or artifacts of a beloved pet, living or dead, and live plants or seeds to be blessed in Native American spirituality by interfaith minister, author and educator Evan Pritchard.


Aug. 12: TBA

Mike Landrum


Aug. 19: Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Terri Pahucki

What can we learn from our past to move forward into the future?


Aug. 26: Labyrinth Walk and Meditation

Jay Beaumont

Jay will discuss Labyrinth history, the UUCRT labyrinth, and labyrinth as a spiritual tool.  Then we will walk the labyrinth.


June 3:  What’s the Right Thing To Do?

 Rev. Chris J. Antal

An exploration of the meaning of justice and why it matters in the struggle to live a moral life.


June 10:  Fear in the Age of the Black Lives Movement: A Dialogue 

Rev. Chris J. Antal with Vanessa Green

What allies, co-conspirators and supporters can lend to the movement for Liberation of Black Lives.


June 17: Guns

Hollis Kellogg

News continues to shock us. Why is this happening? A few suggestions from Hollis.


June 24:

Justice as a Spiritual Practice

Terri Pahucki

To “give life the shape of justice” is soul work that both requires and leads to personal transformation. Let us reflect on social engagement as a spiritual expression of our interconnectedness, as we continue to answer the calls of faith in these times.


May 6:  People of the Lie

 Rev. Chris J. Antal

Truth can hurt. Lies help avoid the hurt, but at what cost? Using M. Scott Peck as our starting point, we will consider his definition of human evil and hope to heal it.


May 13:  The Life and Times of Malcom X

Cynthia Gilkeson


May 20: Spring Congregational Meeting

There will be a brief service followed by  the spring congregational meeting at 11 a.m. in the Fellowship Hall.


May 27: Deep Remembering

Rev. Chris J. Antal

What are the stories we know and don’t know about war and what do they reveal about us?


April 1:  Everything Happens For a Reason

 Interfaith Minister Evan Pritchard

Spring is a time of renewed hope.  What is the difference between faith and hope from the indigenous perspective? Spring gives us renewed hope for a new beginning and new growth. Faith is the conviction that, even if our growth is slow and painful at times, “everything happens for a reason.” This Easter let us remember times when things worked out according to a plan larger than our own.


April 8:  Faith in Human Rights

Rev. Chris J. Antal

A reflection on the connections between religions and human rights.


April 15: Living Faith

Terri Pahucki

A celebration of commitment and sharing of faith for the growing season.


April 22: Questions of Faith

Rev. Chris J. Antal

Last year David Suchet interviewed me for his Questions of Faith audio series and it went live on Audible Friday March 9th. I’ll reflect on the series and my experience with him.


April 29: The Link Between Faith and Optimism

Mike Landrum

The link between faith and optimism – skills for a good and happy life. I had the luck to be the son of an optimistic mother, so I’ll share some of the lessons I learned from her. You’ll arrive a Unitarian but you may leave a “Becky-ist”.


March 4:  It’s a ‘Wanderful’ Life

Rev. Chris J. Antal

With so many spiritual paths and destinations, wandering in the wilderness is integral to our way.


March 11:  A Brief Revisit to  ‘The Secret Teachings of  All Ages’  by Manly P. Hall

 Bill Domanico

A  refresher about the author and the massive book on lesser known spirituality  and why it is still essential today.


March 18: ‘Come, Come Whoever You Are’

Terri Pahucki

A contemplation of desert wisdom through the words of wanderers, worshippers, and mystics


March 25: Wanderlust

Rev. Chris J. Antal

A reflection on religious journeys and the pilgrims who make them.


Feb. 4: On Charity

Rev. Chris J. Antal

Faced with escalating inequality, how ought we think about charity and how might that thinking guide our actions in pursuit of justice?


Feb. 11: ‘How Can I Keep from Singing’

Hollis Kellogg and Lydia Adams


Feb. 18: The Promise and the Practice of Our Faith

Led by Terri Pahucki and the UUCRT Racial Justice Task Force

We join with our Association of Congregations in this special service to uphold and center the history, the perspectives, the voices, and the leadership of Black Lives of Unitarian Universalists.


Feb. 25: On Patriotism

Rev. Chris J. Antal

How might we distinguish patriotism from nationalism and reclaim a genuine love for country?