Services at the UUCRT will be
and can be accessed via Zoom,
phone or in person at 9 Vance Road.

Beginning in November 2022:
ONLY ONE multiplatform service will be held monthly–on the last Sunday of the month.

For those who plan to come to the sanctuary, the most current COVID precautions posted on the front door. Please make sure to keep a mask on hand, just in case.

Release Aging People in Prison

Release Aging People in Prison describes the advocacy work being led by formerly incarcerated men and women to end the racist law and order policies which has led to a doubling of  the number of incarcerated elders in NYS prisons during the past 20 years. … read more.

Spotlight on our Speakers 

Dr. Patrick O’Neill is an engineer and former Silicon Valleyexecutive. Now retired, Patrick and his wife Rose live on the shores of Beaver Dam Lake in New Windsor. 

Jaye Moyer is a committed meditation practitioner as well as a psychotherapist, practicing in the Hudson Valley. She specializes in individuals and couples and has presented nationally and internationally on the integration of mindfulness, experiential investigation and group process. She teaches meditation and dharma for the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies “Daily Sit”. She has a daughter, Molly and lives with her husband John in Beacon, New York.

Noel Casey is a Community Organizer at Release Aging People in Prison. She is a Yonkers native and current resident with a deep sense of pride and love for her community. Upon graduating from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst where she earned her BA in political science and sociology, Noel served as a staffer at the New York State legislature for 3.5 years. Throughout her time in government Noel has connected deeply with various advocates from across the state which helped redefine the lens of her work. Her commitment to human rights and care for her community members drives her work towards a more restorative world.