For those who plan to come to the sanctuary, the most current COVID precautions posted on the front door. Please make sure to keep a mask on hand, just in case.

Spotlight on our Speakers 

Rev. Diane Diachishin graduated and was ordained by All Faiths Seminary in NYC in 2022. She taught music for 30+ years in private and public school systems. Diane has been an active member of the UUCRT for 25 years, wearing many hats. Diane considers herself a life- long Unitarian. From the age of four, summer vacations were spent with her family and her Star Island community, at an ongoing retreat for UU’s of all ages, which still continues to be a source of renewal and inspiration for her. Diane is passionate about her family, playing music, hiking, and travel.

Hollis Kellogg has been with UUCRT since 1997. He was first recruited as a pianist, but like most UUs, he loves to talk, and has given a number of talks at the UUCRT over the years. He will tell us about R.W. Emerson (1803-1882). This famous American lecturer, philosopher, poet, and Unitarian, still needs to be acknowledged.

Bill Glass is a retired businessman/scientist. He founded a company that developed a process similar to how Pfizer and Moderna, coat their Covid-19 vaccines. After selling the business, he consulted for a number of years and developed 3 patentable products for which he received royalties.

He has traveled the world on business, lived overseas, was a Captain and Squadron Cmdr. in the USAF. Before the Air Force, he served as an Artillery Sgt. in the US Army National Guard. He also briefly taught physics and advanced science at a high school in MS.

Keith Jordan, is long-time member of the UUCRT and has been a mental health professional for over 35 years. He presently works as a couples therapist in private practice. His Unitarian Universalist beliefs strongly influence his work as a therapist.