For those who plan to come to the sanctuary, the most current COVID precautions posted on the front door. Please make sure to keep a mask on hand, just in case.

“What do Unitarian Universalists believe?”

What do Unitarian Universalists believe? This video sermon explores the foundations of our Unitarian Universalist faith. In this sermon, Rev. Kanter examines the question: When we think about the world, how can we commit to the idea that Unitarians have protected for centuries that … read more.

Spotlight on our Speakers 

Rev. Diane Diachishin graduated and was
ordained by All Faiths Seminary in NYC in 2022. She taught music for 30+ years in private and public school systems. Diane has been an active member of the UUCRT for 25 years, wearing many hats. Diane considers herself a life- long Unitarian. From the age of four, summer vacations were spent with her family and her Star Island community, at an ongoing retreat for UU’s of all ages, which still continues to be a
source of renewal and inspiration for her. Diane is passionate about her family, playing music, hiking, and travel.

Rev. Dr. Daniel Kanter is from the First Unitarian Church of Dallas which is devoted to genuine inclusion, depth and joy, reason and spirit. They have been a voice of progressive religion in Dallas since 1899, working toward a more just and compassionate
world in all of what we do. We hope that when you listen to this sermon your life is made more whole
through experiences of love and service, spiritual growth, and an open exploration of the divine. To learn more about Rev. Dr. Daniel Kanter visit

Dr. Patrick O’Neill has been a member of UUCRT since 2019. He has served on the board, various ministries, and is currently a popular speaker. His talks about history, people, and social issues are always appreciated and well received.

Bruce Barnett is an engaging leader, speaker, coach and teacher/facilitator. After retiring in September 2022 as Sr. Vice President from Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc., he founded Barnett Corporate Training and Coaching, focusing his time and talents on helping
people identify and realize ‘the career they can’t wait to live.’ His personal mission statement is: “To Educate and Inspire People to Live their Highest Self – So that
they will achieve their best in their professional and personal lives.” Bruce is currently teaching “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, the iconic work by Dr. Stephen Covey and has adapted the concepts and content of the original “7 Habits” to create a customized program that empowers people to take control of their future by demonstrating behaviors that lead to enhanced levels of effectiveness.

The Birch School shares our building on Vance Road during the school week. Although not connected, they are very much in sync with our core Unitarian values. The students and teachers are focused on nature, science, creativity, kindness and more. Please join us for this special Sunday Morning program. More details will follow on our weekly