Minister’s Corner

Care Team Ministry

I am pleased to announce the UUCRT has established a Care Team Ministry. Barbara Hultgren and Jan Kinney are the Co-Leaders of the Care Team Ministry. Donna Deming is a member of the Care Team Ministry. Starting in March, until I return from my sabbatical in August, the Care Team Ministry will work under the … Continued

Spiritual Practices

Showing up at the UUCRT for Sunday Service, where we partake in the disciples of guidance, confession, worship, and celebration, is spiritual practice. Serving the UUCRT community, by making coffee, watering the plants, moving chairs, or playing the piano, is spiritual practice. Voting at a congregational meeting, and submitting to the will of the majority … Continued

Why Belonging to a Religious Community Matters

Grace. Spiritual Practice. Letting Go. Salvation. Truth. These are the themes the congregation will explore together over the next five months. These themes describe the work I do with Veterans and the larger community in Philadelphia. Jonathan and Amy visited Philadelphia last month and joined in a Community Healing Ceremony I led. Please read their … Continued


Recently a rabbi taught me something about spirituality. His name is Paul Swerdlow and he is a chaplain in the VA medical center in Northport, on Long Island. Here is what he taught me: Spirituality is about being a time traveler. We exist in space and in time. Spirituality allows us to travel back in … Continued

Peace Advocacy Congregation

In 2014, because of our shared ministry, the UU Peace Ministry Network recognized the UUCRT as the tenth Peace Advocacy Congregation in the UUA. The UUCRT has changed since then. I wanted to explore the extent to which the identity “Peace Advocacy Congregation” still resonates, so during the Sunday Service on September 23 I introduced … Continued

Though We Cannot Think Alike, May We Not Love Alike?

Too often we have allowed our disagreements to distract us from all that we can do together. These words, from the UUA Creating Peace Statement of Conscience, were reaffirmed by the congregation in a litany I led during Sunday Service on September 23. In our congregations we are free to disagree; we celebrate diversity; and, … Continued

Let Your Life Speak

Those four words were there to greet me when I entered the main building of Friends Central School in Philadelphia last Saturday. I paused, just for a moment, took a breath, and let the words sink in. The summer offered me little time for still and quiet moments set aside for solitude and contemplation, so … Continued

The Struggle to Dismantle White Surpremacy and Work for Racial Equity

“We are on a journey towards redemption.” “The journey towards redemption includes truth telling.” “Speaking the truth of our own complicity is a sign of commitment and faithfulness.” “Our liberation is collective.” “We are called to testify with our lives.” “We cannot show up authentically for the struggle out there if we ignore the one … Continued

Withdrawing from Relationship

As a community we have struggled in recent days to decide what is the right thing to do. We covenant to affirm and promote justice, equity and compassion in human relations. If we are morally serious about this covenant then we will inevitably struggle with difficult questions: Whose justice? Equity and compassion for whom? The … Continued

Wimps Welcome

We sing about being a people so bold, but let’s face it, sometimes we just wimp out. To wimp out is to be weak and cowardly or unadventurous. We all do it. If it becomes habit, then the behavior shapes our identity. Over time, if the behavior continues, we risk becoming wimps. Who wants to … Continued