Lay Minister’s Corner

Endings and Beginnings

It is hard to believe that this is the last column I will write as your lay commissioned minister. As I write these words, my heart is full of gratitude for our time together these past three years. I treasure the journey we have traveled together- the joy we have shared in worship, the learning … Continued

May’s Theme: Mystery

In considering this month’s theme of mystery, I stumbled upon a poem by the late Mary Oliver entitled “Mysteries, Yes”. It is a new poem to me, and as I mourned the beloved poet’s death earlier this year, it is a joy to discover new treasures still among her writing. I share this poem here … Continued

April’s Theme is Salvation

This past weekend my 14-year-old daughter attended a Coming of Age retreat with youth throughout the region. The purpose of the retreat was for the young people to explore their own lives as spiritual journeys, and to spend time reflecting on their personal beliefs, which they will turn into a Credo Statement to be shared … Continued

Reflection on Letting Go

This month’s theme asks us to consider “letting go”. The wisdom of the world religions supports the importance of letting go of anger, blame, and retribution in order to make peace with oneself, with God, and with each other. The Jewish Day of Atonement, the Buddhist ceremony of Beginning Anew, and the Christian rite of … Continued

Prayer as a Spiritual Practice

This past year I have been participating in an online spiritual deepening program for Unitarian Universalist religious professionals called Wellspring (see . Every two weeks I receive a new assignment of readings to reflect on- first on my own, then with a small group that meets through Zoom online conferencing.  The group provides support … Continued


Grace is a Christian theological concept, of which there are many interpretations.  All of these center on an understanding of grace as “a free and unmerited gift of God in the world.” Grace is something we receive but do not earn; and it is something that changes us. My personal theological views see grace a … Continued

A Quiet Place on Earth

This semester my “Religion and Ecology” professor gave us an assignment to visit a quiet place in nature twice a week. I usually walk at Dennings Point in Beacon with my dog, who takes her slow sweet time smelling every smell along the way, before arriving at our destination. As I walk into the clearing … Continued

Being Thankful

November is a month to remember all we are thankful for.  Veterans Day reminds us to remember our veterans who have sacrificed, and Thanksgiving Day reminds us to offer gratitude for the many gifts in our lives. Election Day on Tuesday, November 6th is also an important time to lift our voices in expressing gratitude … Continued

Diversity — United by Shared Core Values, Expressed in Many Ways

My family and I recently moved to a new neighborhood. The past few weeks I have gotten to know this place on walks with my dog by taking particular notice of the trees: the tall tulip tree towering over my back porch; the oaks that feed squirrels with acorns beneath; the sugar maple leaves just … Continued

Free and Responsible Search for Truth and Meaning

September is a month of new beginnings for Unitarian Universalist congregations, as we kick off another year of religious exploration and discovery in community. Learning and growing together across generations- no matter how young or old we may be- is the lifeblood of our liberal faith, as we covenant and affirm to promote the principle … Continued