The Care Team Ministry provides support and encouragement to members and friends of the congregation by tending to their emotional, spiritual, and material needs,  coordinates continuity of care and cultivates a feeling of community among members and friends of the congregation.

The UUCRT Care Team is Donna Deming and Kathy Bader and they can be reached at

Care Team members will:

  • Respond to requests for assistance when approached in person at church functions, by phone or email. Care Team members are listed in the directory and the newsletter
  • Be attentive and respond, when appropriate, to Joys and Concerns expressed during worship and at other times, (Send cards, make phone calls, visit people, etc.)
  • Be visible and foster caring relationships with congregants and ministries. We help cultivate a supportive, caring community.
  • Communicate with congregants through the newsletter, announcements and other ways regarding activities and topics related to the Care Team mission.
  • Refer to outside resources when appropriate.
  • Work in collaboration with the Sunday Service Ministry to be accessible and available during and after Sunday Service.
  • Report trends and concerns, without personally identifiable information, in quarterly reports to the board.