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What to do about the Roadside Sign

   Since the George Floyd killing, there has been a renewed interest in again displaying a “Black Lives Matter” banner on our roadside pulpit. A very brief history: A number of years ago, we hung BLM banners. They were ripped down and destroyed, several times. … read more.

Caring Congregation

   Surely there is no
better measure of a faith community than what its members do to help one of its
own when the need arises.

   We are a small
group, but I have seen over the years our members step forward to assist
another member or friend. … read more.

Congregation News

Dear Members and Friends,

The good news this month is that we are adding two new members to our congregation. Please join me in welcoming Jaye Moyer and Markley Wilson.  As we do so, think about inviting friends to attend our Sunday service with you.  Many … read more.

President’s Message

Dear Members and Friends,
This will be my last message as president of the Board and it’s natural to look back at what’s been accomplished.
When I look at the work of our Board of Trustees I find much to admire in the selfless contributions of Jane … read more.

Message From the Board President

Dear Friends and Members,

We will see each other at our annual May Congregational Meeting on the 19th when we will once again express ourselves democratically to set the course of our fellowship. These are turbulent times in the larger world beyond our walls, and they … read more.

President’s Message

When I first joined this congregation in the fall of 1993 it was lay-led and had been for many years. That appealed to me. As a boy, growing up in small, midwestern towns, I had little choice but to follow my parents to a series … read more.

Thanks for Doing Your Part!

Dear Members and Friends –

I’m very happy to report that Linda Mangelsdorf has been appointed to the Board of Trustees and will participate on Skype during those periods when she is traveling. We thank Twila Smith for completing two full terms – six years in … read more.

Presence in Action

The program theme for the month of December is “Presence” and the question that we ask is: “What does it mean to be a community of presence?”  Hmm.  It would seem to me that presence is a requirement for most communities. What would a “community … read more.

From the Board of Trustees – June 2016

Words are powerful.  They are our primary source of communication. They express thought between people and, when chosen carefully, allow us to deepen our understanding of purpose, of emotion, of all that would otherwise be abstract.

We use words to define meaning.  And so, it is … read more.