From the Board of Trustees

Thanks for Doing Your Part!

Dear Members and Friends – I’m very happy to report that Linda Mangelsdorf has been appointed to the Board of Trustees and will participate on Skype during those periods when she is traveling. We thank Twila Smith for completing two full terms – six years in all! Brett Bauman, whose shop is in nearby Campbell … Continued

Presence in Action

The program theme for the month of December is “Presence” and the question that we ask is: “What does it mean to be a community of presence?”  Hmm.  It would seem to me that presence is a requirement for most communities. What would a “community of absence” be? A cemetery? A ghost town? We may … Continued

Summer Message from the President of the Board

I always think of “Porgy and Bess” this time of year. “It’s summertime and the living is easy …” I wanted to write how we are welcoming Hollis Kellogg to the Board while saying farewell to Nate Binzen. Nate did most of the work on the document that got us our “Peace Advocacy Congregation” designation. … Continued

From the Board of Trustees – June 2016

Words are powerful.  They are our primary source of communication. They express thought between people and, when chosen carefully, allow us to deepen our understanding of purpose, of emotion, of all that would otherwise be abstract. We use words to define meaning.  And so, it is significant that one word worked its way into nearly … Continued