The UUCRT COVID-19 Response Task Force Food Security Initiative

Delivery of the first of many loads of groceries that are being prepared to be distributed to those in need of assistance.

The first transfer of non-perishable foods to the UUCRT took place on a rainy Thursday morning, April 29, 2020. Bryon Adams, overseer of the UUCOVID19TF task force met Bernadette McGinn, Nora Guillardo and Fred & Linda Mangelsdorf at the United Methodist Church on Main St. in Middletown. Trunks were opened and 80 bags of food relocated for the trip to Rock Tavern. Once there, the team sorted the bags so that each of 40 families will receive 2 bags of cereal, canned goods and other non-perishables. 

Requests for the food should be made to Bryon at 845-288-3488 or

Marcia Westra

Making Masks to Support Hospital Workers

I started making face masks for the ICU staff at Montefiore St. Luke’s Hospital in Newburgh when a long time nurse patient of mine told me that they were having to reuse their N95 masks way too much.  When I mentioned this to my daughter (who is faculty in a spiritual care dept in a UCSF hospital in California) she asked for some too because they were running out of surgical masks entirely – which they did within the week.  Family first – I kicked out 10 the first day and mailed them the next.  

Then I sewed my brains out every minute until I turned out 18 over the following 2 days for the staff at MSLC and gave those to the nurse. I had to have her first come over for a fitting to see what length of elastic or shoelaces I needed for them to fit around the head over the masks. So much for professional and personal boundaries!  

I then received a request from my old denomination to make some for the Rural and Migrant Ministry upstate.  So I went back at it with my remaining fabric using rubber bands and pony tail holders instead of the nonexistent 1/4 inch elastic.  I sent 17 off to them, then finished up a few more here at home where I have about 6 left, including a small range of color choices for myself.  You know how I like fashion!  With my hair growing shaggy, I need to be masked!