Month: May 2023

Notes from the Board

The BOT had a very constructive meeting with our new administrative assistant, Donna Polat. Elizabeth Mehling and Rose O’Neill will work with Donna on live streaming Sunday services. Dahlia’s Dances of International Peace are on hold while she recovers from a shoulder injury.The spring congregational meeting will … read more.

UUCRT supports the LGBTQ Community at West Point

The Knights Out Gala at West Point held in April, celebrated LGBTQ members of our valued armed forces.  Representatives from the Army, Navy, and Air Force were in there in full dress uniform.
  There were also esteemed veterans and many sponsors.  It was a joyous … read more.

Acting President’s Message

 The UUCRT is a place that we enjoy coming to, to be with like-minded independent thinkers to enjoy sharing a broad spectrum of spiritual beliefs as well.   We don’t make you kneel or confess. Never did, never will.

   But it does take money, talent and energy to run a … read more.