She’s a UU but does not know it

   I look in the mirror each morning and observe the growing rat’s nest on my head. Before I met Nan, I used to cut my own hair, but she convinced me to use the skills of a barber. Now we all look at our heads and wonder if we should pick up the scissors. It is important to keep up appearances in this time, if only to feel better about ourselves. I have started to put on a dress shirt for our on-line services, feeling that you all have seen enough of me in my bathrobe.

   It is also a great time to further clean and beautify our homes, doing things we may have put off for years. The other day, I walked past the home of a woman who did landscape work for me. She was outside, making her property even more beautiful than it already was. She is a UU but doesn’t know it. I know this because she always has a sign out that reflects our core values.

   She told me that during winter months, she works as a nurse. My hat is off to her, especially now. There are so many ways to beautify our lives and the lives of others. -Hollis