Folk Guild to Feature ‘Us’ on Saturday, March 9

Rock Tavern Chapter of the Hudson Valley Folk Guild is pleased to be featuring the group Us! (Judy Kass, Amy Soucy, and Glen Roethel) Saturday, March 9 at the UUCRT. Three award-winning singer-songwriters, Judy Kass, Glen Roethel, and Amy Soucy combine their eclectic talents and musical influences to encourage positive change, unity, and dialogue. The trio spices their message￾driven songs with luscious harmonies, robust melodies, and unexpected twists and turns. The Us! co-write, “Too Much Crying” garnered a Gold Award in the Open Category of the 36th Mid-Atlantic Song Contest. Us! is currently at work recording their first album with an anticipated release in 2024.

Judy Kass draws in her audience with soulful vocals, no-nonsense lyrical storytelling and genre-bending exploration of guitar and piano. Her 2014 debut album, “Better Things” and her 2016 CD, “Beyond the Ash and Steel” both received notable airplay and appeared on the Folk DJ List of Top Albums.

Amy Soucy – Reared on earnest 70’s songs, showtunes, MTV, and 90’s folk rock, Amy Soucy ultimately found her voice and honed her songwriting chops in the folk scene. She writes evocative songs exploring the kaleidoscope of human experience, and sings them in a voice that’s been called “powerful,” and “angelic.”

Glen Roethel‘s baritone-tenor voice and melodic acoustic guitar stylings light up stages solo and in ensemble with vocal marvels such as Sloan Wainwright, Gathering Time (harmony trio [formerly]), and new trio, Us!. An award-winning songwriter, Glen has electrified juried showcases for Folk Alliance, S.M.A.F., Falcon Ridge Folk, Cape May Singer￾Songwriter, and emPower Music & Arts PosiFest with songs that are memoirs, anecdotes, tender love songs, Earth tributes, and anthemic calls for unity.

Open mic performances will be available to all. Cost of admission for this event is $7 ($6 for Folk Guild members and seniors). Signup begins at 7 and open mic begins at 7:30. The featured performance is expected to begin at approximately 8:30.

For more information contact the President of the Rock Tavern Chapter of the Hudson Valley Folk Guild at HVFGRockTavern@hudsonvalleyfolkguild .org.