Author: Donna

Welcome Luncheon

On Sept. 10, the UUCRT welcomed friends, congregants and RE kids and their parents to a plot luck picnic in the Fellowship Hall. This well￾attended affair was made possible by a bevy of cooks and helpers.

Birch School Opens for it’s 11th Year at 9 Vance Road

Greeting from The Birch School Community to the Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Rock Tavern.

We at The Birch School are immensely grateful to the UU Community for your generosity in sharing this wonderful building with us. Every Birch family appreciates the remarkable qualities of the building … read more.

Notes from the Board: 9/7/23 BOT meeting

The Birch School contract continues to be discussed.

The BOT is meeting with Ed Helbig from the Birch School and Jay Beaumont to learn more about the maintenance needs of our building. A maintenance services agreement will come from these meetings.Estimates have been received for resealing … read more.

President’s Message

Dear members and friends:
This month, I have made the space for the president’s message available for you to hear from the Birch School (see article later in the newsletter) which occupies our building more than we do. The Birch School is not only a consistent … read more.

Minister’s Message

Living the Questions
Our flaming chalice light means different things to different people. It was purposely designed with a lack of clarity and intentionally left open to interpretation.
For example, what is the symbolism of the flaming chalice for you personally? If you have not reflected on … read more.

Notes from the Board – July 2023

Due to the end of fiscal year surplus, the 10% of budget equaling $7,140 was put into reserve, as required in the bylawsDiscussion of the Birch school contract centered on the maintenance agreement that was made in the current contract. A Zoom meeting was scheduled … read more.

President’s Message

You, as a member or friend are making your contribution to our congregation in your own way. Recently, the efforts of a relatively new and definitely well-established member are converging to grant us a wish that most agreed on in response to the Strategic Planning … read more.

Rev. Diane Diachishin to Offer Pastoral Care

Rev. Diane Diachishin is available to offer pastoral care for people who are struggling with loss, grief, or other challenges. Pastoral care differs from therapy or counseling in that it does not attempt to fix problems or address mental health issues. Rather, it provides a … read more.