From Your Minister

The choice to belong to the UU faith tradition is a choice to embrace a call to the disciplined embodiment of our values and commitments. Our values include fairness, compassion, respect, responsibility, and honesty. Our fundamental commitment is to live a life in service to these values and to live that life in covenantal community with others who have also committed to live such a life.

As simple as this may sound, the work of embodiment is complicated and messy. One reason is because different people understand and embody different values and commitments differently. The respectful dialogue that emerged over the Black Lives Matter flag at the congregational meeting last month illustrates this point well. When we strive to embody our values and commitments and live a life that is morally engaged we inevitably encounter ethical dilemmas where deeply held values and commitments appear to be in conflict.

This can give rise to moral anguish, inner conflict, and even interpersonal strife. Some people may be inclined to avoid conflict and the kind of work embodying values and commitments requires of us. Those people will likely depart from the UU faith tradition. Those who remain are those who find joy and meaning in the call to embody our values and commitments, and all the work that embodiment asks of us.

I hope all of you find that joy and meaning in our community life. I am glad to journey with you who have chosen this faith as we share the work of embodiment together.

See you on Sunday