Please Wear a Mask: Update on UUCRT Pandemic Precautions

From: John Patrick O’Neill, Ph.D., president  While the COVID pandemic in America has shown signs of lessening, and governments have been lifting mask and vaccination mandates in many areas, our congregation is encouraged to again open our building for in-person services. This Sunday we welcome Rev. Chris in-person to our Sunday Service.  Last month’s data shows that the odds of contracting COVID are 4 times higher for unvaccinated persons compared with vaccinated and boostered persons. Hospitalization rates for COVID are 23 times higher unvaccinated people. The chance of dying is 97 times higher for the unvaccinated (December CDC data). Obviously vaccines reduce your risk; care is still sensible.   We have many participants in vulnerable groups, and we should continue to take reasonable precautions, while easing other measures. We ask that masks still be worn, and there will still be ventilation, to permit an admixture of outside air. Presenters are not required to wear a mask, but seating will be 8 feet back from the podium. There will be an area where those who make announcements or share joys and concerns can remove their masks to speak.   At the beginning of each month, the Board has been meeting to review the current situation, and to decide on needed precautions to keep us healthy and alive. We’ve been able to survive this global disaster together.  Unless new deadly variants emerge, we anticipate getting closer to the pre-Covid environment.   If you are not fully vaccinated, or unable to attend our in-person service, or elect to continue attending on-line, the zoom service will continue.