Speaker: Rev. Peter Fairbrother

The Quality of Forgiveness

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Live wire Lutheran Minister and public  theologian Nadia Bolz-Weber invites us ‘to forgive  assholes’, but is this easier said than done? Why  should we offer forgiveness, how should we do it,  and for what benefit (if any)? Together … read more.

Trick or treat?

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Some consider that the modern-day celebration of Hallowe’en has its origins in the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain (summer’s end): a time marking the end of the harvest season and the fall back into winter. A mysterious time, a potent time, a … read more.

All Things Broken Beautiful

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Rev Peter Fairbrother began his career in the UK health and social services in information and research.  His strong inclination towards spiritual exploration led him from Catholicism through Protestantism, earth based traditions, New Age philosophies and Spiritualism.  He began … read more.