Widening the Circle of Concern

“Covenant and commitment, not comfort, should be the binding fabric of UU congregations.”

“Many of our congregations are in trouble, with dwindling membership, participation, and financial contributions. A factor that contributes to this decline is our inability to address issues of inclusion, equity, and diversity.”

“Institutional changes required are extensive.”

-Excerpt from June 2020 Widening the Circle of Concern: Report of the UUA Commission on Institutional Change.

The Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Commission on Institutional Change released it’s report on Institutional Racism. The Commission is charged with supporting long-term cultural and institutional change that redeems the essential promise and ideals of Unitarian Universalism. Appointed by the UUA Board of Trustees in 2017 for a period of two years with an extension granted in 2018, the Commission was in place through June 2020.