Acting President’s Message

Has it been almost a year! Scary how fast times goes by. I’m sitting here writing on this rainy Saturday afternoon before our spring Congregational Meeting, which means by the time you read this, a new slate of Board of Trustees members will be voted in, some issues voted on, reports given and topics discussed.

Since our new fiscal year begins July 1, this will be my last President’s message for the newsletter. I have proudly served two 3- year terms either as a trustee, Vice President or President, the maximum time allowed.

I will still be involved, as we all should be, to some extent. I will continue to serve on the Sunday Services Ministry and as a previous president will now participate on the Leadership Ministry. I have nurtured a good relationship with Birch School and will continue on as the liaison between the board and the school. Markly Wilson has worked on some projects with the school and we look forward to more.

I’d like to get more involved with the cultural aspects of our congregation, touching base with music and art in our community. Jaye Moyer and I are floating the idea of bringing back a movie night in the building. Perhaps I will even help make coffee on Pot Luck Sunday when the board is meeting.

I also intend to take some mini seasonal sabbaticals. I have been a presence at services for about 10 years (minus the early Zoom during the worst and early stages of the pandemic) and would like to enjoy some Sundays in all different weather in our beautiful Hudson Valley and beyond, as so many of you do.

It has been an honor to know that you trusted and had confidence in me while on the board. I hope you all remain active and make others feel welcome in the days ahead. Let’s keep this a place where like- minded individuals can thrive.
In Service, Bill Domanico