Grace is a Christian theological concept, of which there are many interpretations.  All of these center on an understanding of grace as “a free and unmerited gift of God in the world.” Grace is something we receive but do not earn; and it is something that changes us.

My personal theological views see grace a little differently, as something that may be both received and given. I claim an Earth-honoring faith that both welcomes and nurtures grace as a healing presence in our lives. This grace arises through the co-creative processes of nature and human creativity. It transforms us, and we transform the world. As co-creative partners in birthing the sacred, we are both receivers and givers of grace.
Perhaps you have experienced this grace in your life: in the healing presence of still pond waters; in the astonishing birth of a new baby or the experience of being forgiven and loved. There is also grace in the experience of offering forgiveness and love to another and in the work of community in building a new way together.

As the winter snows call us to contemplation, may we reflect on the meaning of grace in our lives. I look forward to sharing thoughts and reflections with all of you on Sunday, January 13th. Join me for a “Looking Deeply” circle in the sanctuary from 12-1 PM, following the service.