Minister’s Message

These winter days, with or without the cold and ice, are an invitation to move inward, to rest. To be still. This is our season to move indoors and discover what the stillness of winter will reveal.

Let us move through this time and make a bit of room. Leave a little space. That may not sound like anything radical or revolutionary. But it turns out that it is one of life’s favorite ways to make us into something new.

Our monthly Soul Matters topic is about Change. It suggests that much of the time, transformation is a subtle art. It’s about discernment, listening, not fighting with yourself, and with others, to make sure you are in the lead.

I would be remiss if I didn’t say I am concerned about possible changes to Article 2 in the UUA. You may have read about it in our UU World magazine, or perhaps have friends in other congregations who have been discussing the proposed changes. There are major proposals being introduced as our religion struggles to grow and keep up with the times.

See information on Article 2 below in “A Message from the Unitarian Universalist Association.

”So, friends, this month, as the Rev. Scott Taylor suggests “Try to leave some room on that dance floor of yours. Keep your eyes peeled. See attention and attending as your greatest assets and tools. And when that unexpected guest reaches out its hand, don’t be afraid.”

I look forward to our discussions in the near future. I have no doubt they will be very lively, with much gusto, as usual! In examining what we truly believe, we can deepen our values and principles, regardless if the UUA Article Two passes or not.

I will close with a quote from Julianne Lepp:
“We seek our place in the world and the answers to our hearts’ deep questions. As we seek, may our hearts be open to unexpected answers. May the light of our chalice remind us that this is a community of warmth, of wisdom, and welcoming of multiple truths. “
Rev. Diane