Note from the Board – Summer 2022

The Board of Trustees of UUCRT is saddened to announce that Patrick O’Neill has resigned as President and board member.

Patrick wrote, “I no longer find myself aligned with certain directions of the congregation, and do not feel I can provide effective leadership in matters that I do not agree with, for financial and ethical reasons.  I am therefore resigning my position on the board and as president, effective immediately”.

The Board met with Patrick to more fully understand his concerns. It was a constructive meeting, and taking his concerns into consideration, we intend to move forward to continue on with the work of the congregation.

We thank Patrick for the knowledge, guidance, leadership and humor he brought to the congregation as a Board member and President thru the pandemic.  

Bill Domanico, our current Vice President, has graciously agreed to become Acting President through June 2023. 

Thank you, Bill for stepping up and taking on this new responsibility. 

Nan Dempster,
Secretary, UUCRT Board of Trustees