Think Beyond Family and Friends

For those of us sequestered in our homes, we are challenged to do something productive. That would include things we do to help family and friends, and things we do to help ourselves. I’ll describe some of my efforts in both areas. I am glad to have my brother with me. Since his divorce, he has not had any home of his own. He stayed with my older brother for a while. He is now with me. He helps me with preparing meals, and with de-cluttering my house. He can tell me the provenance of certain objects l have saved, and things which each of us inherited, and which the time has come to discard.

   To help ourselves, we need to exercise the body and mind. We should feel able to take walks. Today, Bradford and I walked around Denning Point in Beacon. Then let us keep our minds active. It could be a crossword, or a book we were avoiding reading. Lastly, let us think beyond family and friends. Please contribute as able, to our minister’s discretionary fund, and other charities that help those suffering in this time.

Hollis Kellogg