President’s Message – Sept. 2022

Acting President’s Message 

 Greetings to all members, friends and  visitors to the monthly newsletter of the  Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Rock  Tavern. My name is Bill Domanico, Acting  President of The Board of Trustees.  I have been with the Congregation since  2006 and a member since 2008. The years go by fast and so do the weeks and before you know it, we are joyously together on a  Sunday morning, either in person, or on  Zoom.

September usually begins a new worship year and I want to welcome  everyone! Our Sunday Services Ministry works very hard to  bring you many different topics and  speakers. One small thing I ask is to support your fellow congregants by attending a service, especially one led by a lay person.  

 Attend art openings and concerts, join a Ministry, make newcomers feel welcome by engaging them in conversation or help out making  coffee or cleaning up.  

 The pandemic hit us hard but it  also provided opportunities to expand our community by reaching out on Zoom. All services are now multi-platform, allowing new and old friends to gather however it  works for them.  

 Together, we can build our wonderful community back up  to new heights. 

-Bill Domanico