Speaker: Jaye Moyer

A Little ‘White Lie’: What’s the Big Deal?

What is our relationship with truthfulness? Most of us consider ourselves to be honest and for the most part, we are.

According to Sam Harris, little “white lies” tend to be the only lies that “good “ people tell while imagining that they are being good in … read more.

Our Sacred Bodies

When we say the body is a sacred universe, this is an encouragement to dwell on the body in its vastness and mystery and all the small ways it supports this life. One of the first meditations a Himalayan monk learns is a meditation of … read more.

The Value of Patience

Patience is not the absence of anger or frustration. It’s the ability to stay with the difficult. Steady – easy does it…. We want to understand that patience is a skill that allows one to pause – really pause, long enough to see a situation … read more.


What does it mean to take refuge, offer refuge and to be refuge? Jaye will describe a Buddhist perspective on these questions. You will quickly recognize the essence of our seven UU principles.

Compassionate Listening

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Can we deliberately set the intention to turn our attention toward moments of joy? Even the seemingly ordinary moments? Even the moments that are difficult?

We can learn to cultivate a gladdened heart in the midst of life with all … read more.

Compassionate Listening

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Krista Tippett, an American journalist and author,  said recently, “Generous listening involves a kind of  vulnerability – a willingness to be surprised, to let  go of assumptions and take in ambiguity”. This talk will explore the qualities of … read more.

Brama Viharas

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In Buddhist thinking, qualities of the heart such as:  loving – kindness, compassion, joy and equanimity are referred to as the brahma viharas also known  as the “great perfections” or “four immeasurables”  They are foundations of all ethical thought, … read more.