How we stay Safe and Healthy in our Congregation

Churches, temples, mosques, and other religious buildings have always been places for the faithful to gather in celebration and worship.   During this global pandemic, as much as we want things to return to “normal” we listen to medical expertise, we understand the science, and we take precautions to reduce the risk to ourselves and to our visitors.  

Our Sunday Services are live via Zoom, which allows us come together as a community, and share our joys and concerns, and to learn from the wisdom of our lay and religious speakers.  We have recently begun holding in-building services, where those who chose to attend in person may come, while others may elect to participate via Zoom.  Both groups of participants can see, hear, and interact.

For those attending our services in-person (the schedule is on our website), we require safe practices.  The sanctuary is opened to the outside, to allow for the exchange of fresh air.  Chairs are separated, so that you can sit with you household members, but distanced from others.  Masks are mandatory at all times while indoors, by everyone.  There is no singing in the building or physical greetings.  These requirements cover all events inside our building.

At the conclusion of the service, it has been our practice to adjourn to our grassy outdoor area to sing a hymn or song.  Outdoors (while keeping a safe distance) you may remove your masks if you wish, and join with others for coffee, tea, or snacks.  

In this way, the Unitarian Universalist congregation at Rock Tavern is maintaining its community with care, love, and mutual support.