Month: May 2018

The Poor People’s Campaign

For the past two weeks I have spent my Mondays in Albany with the New York State Poor People’s Campaign.  The national campaign is led by the Rev. William Barber and composed of hundreds of activist organizations and faith leaders.

It is a call for moral … read more.

Withdrawing from Relationship

As a community we have struggled in recent days to decide what is the right thing to do. We covenant to affirm and promote justice, equity and compassion in human relations. If we are morally serious about this covenant then we will inevitably struggle with … read more.

To Stand for Truth

This month we explore the theme of Truth.  In today’s society, to stand for truth can be somewhat counter cultural, but, I believe, also patriotic. This year’s UUA Common Read, Daring Democracy by Frances Moore Lappe and Adam Eichen, includes “fake news” as one of … read more.

Wimps Welcome

We sing about being a people so bold, but let’s face it, sometimes we just wimp out.

To wimp out is to be weak and cowardly or unadventurous. We all do it. If it becomes habit, then the behavior shapes our identity. Over time, if the … read more.