Month: March 2024

Folk Guild to Feature ‘Us’ on Saturday, March 9

Rock Tavern Chapter of the Hudson Valley Folk Guild is pleased to be featuring the group Us! (Judy Kass, Amy Soucy, and Glen Roethel) Saturday, March 9 at the UUCRT. Three award-winning singer-songwriters, Judy Kass, Glen Roethel, and Amy Soucy combine their eclectic talents and … read more.

A message from the Unitarian Universalist Association:

“Unitarian Universalism is a living tradition that learns and adapts to meet the needs of each generation. It’s been nearly 40 years since a comprehensive review of our principles.

The digital age has shifted our interactions with community and truth. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted our … read more.

Notes from the Board

February 6, 2024 BOT Meeting

Ed Helbig, our Birch maintenance man, and Steve Deutsch will tour the building to insure better maintenance.

Alan thanked Linda Mangelsdorf for her help in sending out tax information to pledgers.

The lack of a Religious Education Ministry was discussed. The Board … read more.

President’s Message


One of our wonderful principles is the responsible search for truth and meaning. I’ve just discovered an astounding reward from doing this by following the work of a particular author’s responsible search for truth and meaning.

The discovery helps anyone who is not Jewish to better … read more.

Minister’s Message

These winter days, with or without the cold and ice, are an invitation to move inward, to rest. To be still. This is our season to move indoors and discover what the stillness of winter will reveal.

Let us move through this time and make a … read more.