Monthly Archives: July 2016

My Meeting with White House Staff about U.S. Drone Killing

The delegation of religious leaders I joined on Thursday, July 14, in Washington. The photo was taken in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, where we met with eight members of the White House staff. Pictured, left to right, are: Jay Wittmeyer, Executive Director, Global Mission and Service, Church of the Brethren; Yasmine Taeb, Legislative Representative … Continued

Final Fellowship for Rev. Chris Antal

  At the Service of the Living Tradition, in Columbus Ohio, where Rev. Antal received Final Fellowship from the UUA. Celebrating with him were his sons, Justin and Eliot, Mike Landrum, and Camille and Terri Pahucki.

UUCRT Receives Congregational Peace Advocacy Award

Peace Ministry Network Chair, Mac Goekler, presented the Congregational Peace Advocacy Award to the Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Rock Tavern. Accepting The award was accepted by Rev. Chris Antal, Lay Commissioned Minister Terri Pahucki, her daughter, Camille, and delegates Mike Landrum and Linda Mangelsdorf.

Mike Landrum’s Speech at the UUA General Assembly Regarding Drone Policy

Throughout history the American Military NEVER fired the first shot. That proud tradition vanished when George W Bush invaded Iraq—preemptively and with false assumptions. Our continuing drone policy, also known as Lethal UAV’s is a extension of that mind-set, and one of the biggest disappointments of the Obama Administration. The moral ambiguity of these secret … Continued

Reports from the UUA General Assembly

Mike Landrum and Linda Mangelsdorf were UUCRT delegates at the annual UUA General Assembly in Columbus, OH June 23-26.  Rev. Chris Antal and Terri Pahucki were there for a day. We proudly carried our beautiful UUCRT banner in the opening parade on Wednesday evening. All banners were hung around the convention center, and ours was prominently displayed at … Continued

Summer Message from the Lay Commissioned Minister

I have recently returned from the UU General Assembly in Columbus, Ohio, where I attended two days, along with my daughter, Camille.  Also present were Rev. Chris and his sons, and our two dedicated delegates, Mike Landrum and Linda Mangelsdorf. Linda, Camille, and I carried the UUCRT banner in the opening ceremony parade, which included … Continued

Summer Message from the President of the Board

I always think of “Porgy and Bess” this time of year. “It’s summertime and the living is easy …” I wanted to write how we are welcoming Hollis Kellogg to the Board while saying farewell to Nate Binzen. Nate did most of the work on the document that got us our “Peace Advocacy Congregation” designation. … Continued

Minister’s Message for July and August

I’m honored to serve my first full congregational year with you as your called and settled minister. We have many achievements to celebrate, including the commissioning Terri Pahucki as a Lay Commissioned Minister, recognition of the UUCRT as a Peace Advocate Congregation, the distinction of UUCRT being a Black Level Sponsor of Knights Out, and … Continued