Month: November 2023

Notes from the Board

11/7/23 meeting

Birch school contract approved and signedConversations with Birch school about security are continuing.In the future Sunday services will plan that congregational meetings will be on the 3rd Sundays of May and November.Volunteers are still needed for tech support during Sunday services.Notices of Sunday services … read more.

President’s Message

“Everything Comes to An End In Time”
That’s the first thing he said to me as we looked each other in the eyes and clasped each other’s hand.

It was late Saturday morning at his home in Ottawa and we were alone in his bedroom, as he … read more.

Minister’s Message

The Gift of Mystery
Ralph Waldo Emerson is probably the most famous thinker of our Unitarian Universalist tradition, with the possible exception of his friend, Henry Thoreau. The key to Emerson’s thought is what we know of as our first source of our Unitarian Universalist living … read more.

Notes from the Board

Revised Birch contract sent to school with Maintenance agreement

Welcoming ministry will plan new member service for friends who have asked to join.

Caring ministry reports there have been several needs being addressed.

Religious Education is off to a great start with new families with children attending.

Arts ministry … read more.

Minister’s Message

The Gift of Generosity
“We all have, without exception, a very deep longing to give – to give to the earth, to give to others, to give to the society, to work, to love, to care for this earth… And so there’s a tremendous sorrow for … read more.