Monthly Archives: March 2019

President’s Message

When I first joined this congregation in the fall of 1993 it was lay-led and had been for many years. That appealed to me. As a boy, growing up in small, midwestern towns, I had little choice but to follow my parents to a series of protestant churches. As soon as I graduated high school … Continued

April’s Theme is Salvation

This past weekend my 14-year-old daughter attended a Coming of Age retreat with youth throughout the region. The purpose of the retreat was for the young people to explore their own lives as spiritual journeys, and to spend time reflecting on their personal beliefs, which they will turn into a Credo Statement to be shared … Continued

Reflection on Letting Go

This month’s theme asks us to consider “letting go”. The wisdom of the world religions supports the importance of letting go of anger, blame, and retribution in order to make peace with oneself, with God, and with each other. The Jewish Day of Atonement, the Buddhist ceremony of Beginning Anew, and the Christian rite of … Continued

Care Team Ministry

I am pleased to announce the UUCRT has established a Care Team Ministry. Barbara Hultgren and Jan Kinney are the Co-Leaders of the Care Team Ministry. Donna Deming is a member of the Care Team Ministry. Starting in March, until I return from my sabbatical in August, the Care Team Ministry will work under the … Continued