Though We Cannot Think Alike, May We Not Love Alike?

Too often we have allowed our disagreements to distract us from all that we can do together. These words, from the UUA Creating Peace Statement of Conscience, were reaffirmed by the congregation in a litany I led during Sunday Service on September 23. In our congregations we are free to disagree; we celebrate diversity; and, … Continued

Critical Moment of Conscientious Discernment

On Oct. 1, I discovered the vandalism of the road sign and theft of the Black Lives Matter flag, contacted the Times Herald Record and wrote a statement and posted it on uucrt.org. That afternoon a story was online and the next day it was in print. John Kinney wrote a press release and several … Continued

Too Tall’s Transition

(Editor’s Note: This article, by Anne Quick, a good friend of the congregation, is published courtesy of Animal Wellness Magazine, Volume 19, Issue 5, www.animalwellnessmagazine.com.) By Anne Quick As an Animal Intuitive, I literally talk to animals, both alive and in spirit. Whether or not you believe this is possible, I ask that you suspend … Continued

Over 100 Attend Vigil at UUCRT Santuary for Stewart 16

Mourners hold candles and respond to a prayer led by Rev. Antal Saturday night in the Sanctuary. Pictures of the sixteen men killed in Monday’s Marine plane crash in Mississippi appear on the laptop screen. Photo by Robert G. Breese for the Times Herald Record.   The community responded to the tragedy with an outpouring … Continued

UUCRT Leaders Stand with 122 Nations at United Nations to Ban Nuclear Weapons

On Friday morning, July 7, 2017, Rev. Antal, Terri Pahucki, UUCRT Lay Commissioned Minister, and Neil Osborne, Deacon of All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church in Manhattan, gathered for a prayer vigil and public witness at the UN Plaza, New York City, in support of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, that was formally … Continued

Serendipity Dinners

Serendipity Dinners It’s that time of year again – the time when we gather with some others of our congregation to build our bonds of community. If you haven’t done this before – and especially if you are a new attendee – you will miss out on a very pleasant time.  If you have, you … Continued

How To Be A Transgender Ally

On November 20th for Transgender Day of Remembrance, Jamie Capach read the congregation a list of first steps to being an ally for transgender people in the spirit of empowerment and taking action. According to source Transwhat, “Allyship to trans people involves a number of different actions: some are necessary and relatively easy, while some … Continued

From the Stewardship and Finance Ministry: September 2016

Welcome to Jackie Jordan, the newest member of our Ministry, and congratulations to Heather Broadfoot on her August marriage to Mike Stuetzle!  Much happiness to you both! As we are well into the 21st Century and more and more people are using credit cards rather than cash, we are looking into creating a webpage opportunity … Continued

Message from the Lay Commissioned Minister – September 2016

Dear Friends, I look forward to gathering with you in community at our Annual Ingathering/ Water Communion service on September 11th.  The Water Communion is one of my favorite Unitarian Universalist traditions, as we join our separate waters together as one, as a symbol of our covenant, or bond, to one another and shared principles. … Continued

Minister’s Message for September 2016

  In the life of our congregation September is a time to reconnect after a period of reflection, recreation, rejuvenation and renewal. I hope you found all those gifts and more during the summer months. This congregational year holds great promise as well as challenge. We will be asked to live into our commitment to … Continued