A Community of Story

What does it mean to be a community of story?
November’s theme connects us. Each of us carries our
own individual and family stories; and we are invited to
unite in religious community to tell a new story
together– a story that empowers us to reach out in love
to the world.
I believe that our Sunday gatherings– our celebration
of life, or worship– are the center of Unitarian
Universalist community. This is the time we get to tell
and make meaning of our story. At our last General
Assembly this past June, my daughter and I attended a
multi-generational workshop called “Faith Formation
through Storytelling”. The focus of this workshop was
how to bring worship to life through story. Telling and
enacting a good story can help people of all ages find
meaning. This is a feature I hope to include more of in
the services that I share with you. If you like to tell or
act out stories, I invite you to join me.
There are many ways we can help bring our Sunday
morning services to life. One way I would like to invite
you to consider is by sharing the gift of song. Songs are
the lifeblood of every culture; they tell a people’s story.
For me, singing with others has always been an integral
part of my life: I sang in choirs, folk groups, and
choruses as a child and young adult, and it is a central
part of what I love about our services.
If you also like to sing, I invite you to join me and
Hollis Kellogg before service on Sunday, November 13th
UUCRT Chalice Light November, 2016
Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Rock Tavern
(meet at 9:30 in the sanctuary). We will learn a few
songs together, and then share that gift in the service
with the whole congregation. All are welcome.
We are each an essential part of telling our story
together, and the most important gift that you can offer
is your presence. Thank you for being a part of this
community, and I look forward to seeing you in
In faith,
Terri Pahucki