Acting President’s Message – April 2023

Greetings! We made it through another winter and we look forward to springing ahead and moving forward.

Spring means nature begins anew and life begins again. And so does our congregation. During April our annual pledge drive takes place so we can present a budget at our annual Congregational Meeting in May.

Our fiscal year begins July 1. In addition to our general operating expenses there are sometimes new and unexpected expenses (example annual inspection of our fire suppression system at a cost of $2,000) so as we say every Sunday, “please give with generosity and love for work which benefits us all”

Our new Administrative Assistant, Donna Polat, is nicely putting our website back together. Should you request to use the building you can contact me, or anyone on the board. Once approved, it will be put in our updated calendar. You can contact Donna at and she will relate any messages back to The Board.

Reverend Diane’s first service on March 5th was a beautiful, inspirational service. We are very blessed to have her for 10 services a year. When possible, she will speak on the first Sunday of the month. And on the first Sundays, we are bringing back our Sunday Potlucks starting April 2nd. So get your cooking chops ready and I will see you at services and in this space again next month.

At this time masks are optional in the building.

Again, a reminder that General Assembly is in June and it would be nice if we had two delegates to represent the UUCRT . It’s in Pittsburgh as well as virtual.

In Service,

Bill Domanico