Care Team Ministry

I am pleased to announce the UUCRT has established a Care Team Ministry. Barbara Hultgren and Jan Kinney are the Co-Leaders of the Care Team Ministry. Donna Deming is a member of the Care Team Ministry. Starting in March, until I return from my sabbatical in August, the Care Team Ministry will work under the supervision of the lay commissioned minister, Terri Pahucki. All the members of the Care Team Ministry have received specialized training.

The mission of the Care Team Ministry is to provide support and encouragement to members and friends of the congregation by tending to their emotional, spiritual, and material needs, to coordinate continuity of care, and to cultivate a feeling of community among members and friends of the congregation.

Care Team members will:

  • Respond to requests for assistance when approached in person on Sundays or when contacted by phone or email. They are listed in the directory and the newsletter.
  • Coordinate Crisis Care.
  • Be attentive and respond when appropriate to Joys and Concerns expressed during worship on Sunday mornings and at other times.  (Send cards, make phone calls, visit people, etc.)
  • Be visible and foster caring relationships with congregants and ministries.  We will help to cultivate a supportive, loving community.
  • Communicate with congregants through the newsletter, and announcements or in other ways with regards to activities and topics related to our mission.
  • Refer needs to the minister, lay commissioned minister and/or outside resources when appropriate.
  • Work in collaboration with the Sunday Service Ministry in order to be accessible and available during and after Sunday Service.
  • Report trends and concerns but no personally identifiable information in monthly reports to the UUCRT Board.

Please cooperate with the Care Team Ministry by reaching out to them in times of need, and by offering to support the Care Team with your time and gifts as you are able. As people who covenant to affirm and promote justice, equity and compassion in human relations, we are all called to care.

I hope to see you again in August!

Rev. Chris Antal