Examining Faith

Search google for “Unitarian Universalist faith” and you’ll find our principles and purposes at the top of the list. We like to say we have no creed, no dogma, yet we say we believe in seven principles. Is this our faith?

Faith is what gives us the hope that when we covenant to affirm and promote our principles, and work together to achieve them, then we might just actualize them, or at least move closer to actualizing them. This work does take faith. Without it, we may just dry up and burn out.

I have faith in the principles, yet I am careful that my faith is not a blind faith. The way we avoid the trap of blind faith is by examining our faith in a discerning community.

Examining our faith means discerning the way to actualize our principles in the particular context we find ourselves, with our unique capacities and opportunities. I find this work invigorating, and I hope you do, too.


See you on Sunday.

Rev. Chris