Love as the Fire that Moves Us

I like to think of love as the fire that moves us, the energy that empowers action. Love invites us to full engagement. Love takes many forms– kindness, patience, generosity, justice, compassion. It is the spiritual force that brings us together and carries us beyond what we ever imagined.  Love is larger and more powerful than ourselves.

I invite you to consider how you can share love within and beyond this congregation this month. Maybe it is by calling a congregant you have not seen in awhile, or listening to someone who is going through a hard time.   Or by offering hospitality to visitors and guests, or attention and guidance to children and youth.  Maybe it is by sharing your musical and spiritual gifts in worship. We are all called to be the hearts and hands of loving-kindness for one another together.

You are also invited to share love by joining our small group ministry Soul Matters Conversation on Sunday, February 18th from 12-1PM, where we will look deeply at how love shows up in our lives, and support one another through a spiritual practice that takes our monthly theme forward into our daily lives.  The Soul Matters Conversation is open to everyone, including newcomers.  It is a great way to go deeper with our monthly theme and get to know other people in the congregation on a more personal level.  “Soul” for us means inner truth, and the conversation provides a space for quiet listening, sharing, and growing together.

Finally, I invite us all to practice love this month by moving beyond our circles of comfort, and seeking the embodiment of beloved community and justice in the world.  Join us for a day of reflection, vision, and planning at February 10th’s “Racial Justice Workshop” (more information below).  Then, on February 18th, we will join with other congregations throughout the UUA in committing ourselves to dismantle white supremacy through “The Promise and the Practice of our Faith”.  This service lifts up the voices of Black Unitarian Universalist leaders, and calls us to listen, to reflect, and to support their work with a special collection. I hope to see you there.


With Love,