Minister’s Message for September 2016


In the life of our congregation September is a time to reconnect after a period of reflection, recreation, rejuvenation and renewal. I hope you found all those gifts and more during the summer months.

This congregational year holds great promise as well as challenge. We will be asked to live into our commitment to the democratic process in our congregation and in society at large with the general elections.

We will be asked to live into our commitment to compassion in human relations with the imminent arrival of Syrian refugees into our communities.

We will be asked to contribute our fair share to sustain and develop our congregation and our Unitarian Universalist witness in the larger community.

Last year we launched the Soul Matters theme ministry, which includes monthly themes and Sunday afternoon sharing circles. Members and friends have given the leadership an overwhelmingly positive response to this new initiative.  Thus, Terri Pahucki and I will continue to lead Soul Matters this year.

This month we reflect together on what it means to be a people of covenant. We are a religious community bound not by creeds but by our covenant to one another and to the principles and purposes of our common faith.

In our shared covenant I find strength to stand and to act as well as a crucial accountability check for my spiritual life. What does covenant mean to you?

I hope to see you on Sunday in the sanctuary and after in our sharing circles.

In Service,

Rev. Chris


2016-17 Themes: What does it mean to be a community of … 

September:  Covenant
October:  Healing
November:  Story
December:  Presence
January:   Prophecy
February:  Identity
March:  Risk
April:  Transformation
May:  Embodiment
June:  Zest