Notes from the Board

March 12, 2024 BOT meeting:

  • Alan reported that we are ahead on budget income and endowments are doing
  • We will need to budget for maintenance of the air conditioner condensers which have been neglected.
  • Our building security committee will soon meet with the Birch school to discuss mutual concerns.
  • Our congregational meeting will be held on May 19.
  • There will be a culminating celebration of the March pledge drive on April 7 with the potluck lunch.
  • Michelle DiLorenzo will serve as Religious Education ministry chair. The quiet room will be upgraded.
  • With information gathered from pledge forms, a new directory is in process.
  • The board will meet with the new Central East Region representative, Rev. Alia Shinbrough.
  • This year General Assembly will be June 20-23 and only virtual. Two members/delegates are encouraged to attend.

Sue Ann Peck