Notes from the Board – July 2023

  • Due to the end of fiscal year surplus, the 10% of budget equaling $7,140 was put into reserve, as required in the bylaws
  • Discussion of the Birch school contract centered on the maintenance agreement that was made in the current contract. A Zoom meeting was scheduled between the school and the board.
  • UUCRT official documents will be sent to our administrator to be stored digitally.
  • The board changed their meeting date to the 2nd Sunday of the month due to the hybrid service and potluck that are now scheduled on the 1st Sunday.
  • An end of summer picnic, inviting new families and our Vance Rd. neighbors, is scheduled for September 10.
  • A gift certificate will be presented to Bill Domanico for his 6 years of service on the board.

Sue Ann Peck, Secretary UUCRT