President’s Message

You, as a member or friend are making your contribution to our congregation in your own way. Recently, the efforts of a relatively new and definitely well-established member are converging to grant us a wish that most agreed on in response to the Strategic Planning question – What Changes Would You Like to See At UUCRT? One of the answers was to attract
young families to our congregation.

Jim Tarvin joined a few years ago and has been committed to enhancing membership and is now the chair of the Welcoming Ministry. He has been a persistent advocate of UUCRT including initiating conversations with strangers and creating and distributing flyers. He has extended an invitation to Rock Tavern neighbors to join us for a picnic in September.

Jim secured the forms completed by new attendees then followed up with each by email and phone. These new attendees included 10 families with small children. Earlier this month Welcoming Ministry member and Beacon resident Nan Dempster suggested inviting these families to a brunch in Memorial Park in Beacon.

The August 12 Beacon Brunch in the playground area of the park was absolutely fantastic! 5 families attended with 9 kids. The new parents enjoyed connecting with each other as well as the Welcoming Ministry hosts. Parents exchanged details about common challenges and activities,
they reiterated their interest in the attitudes and community of UU. Jim
enquired and they agreed to share their contact details, and to top it off, they all agreed to attend the service on September 10.

Meanwhile, at Mike Landrum’s suggestion and Jim’s action, a baby monitor
was placed at the podium and relayed to the windowed room at back of sanctuary so that parents could participate via audio while their young children play.

We look forward to once again enjoy the participation of young families, sharing our principles and values and learning from them what their families are seeking from spiritual exploration at the UUCRT.

Linda Mangelsdorf has been a member of UUCRT for 35 years. She has demonstrated her dedication to the betterment of UUCRT in numerous ways. Last year Linda deepened her commitment to Unitarian Universalism by participating and graduating from the Manhattan based All Faiths Seminary International. In June 2023 Linda was ordained as a Minister by the Seminary.

In July, Rev. Linda advised the Board of Trustees that she would be willing to set up a children’s Religious Exploration program, and the Board gratefully accepted. Linda is inviting members and friends to join her in resurrecting this program and has so far assembled a team of Ben Seibert and Bernadette McGinn as teachers, plus Lydia Adams Davis and Hollis Kellogg as assistants.

There is one crucial element that is needed to ensure this works – more volunteers for the RE program. Yes, you can help and are needed. To show you how, please reach out to Linda or any member of the Board.

Let’s do it.
Thank you.