Statement from the Board and Membership on Desecration of Roadside Sign

Statement from the Board and Membership on Desecration of Roadside Sign

Our Unitarian Universalist covenant commits us to live in accordance with seven principles, the first of which is to affirm and promote the inherent worth and dignity of every person. In that spirit we decided to support the Black Lives Matter movement in our words, deeds and hearts. We proudly hung their banner on our property to be seen by all who passed.

We understood that, in these contentious times, we might encounter opposition to that stance and indeed, opposition has made itself felt. Vandals have defaced that banner as well as our roadside sign with spray paint announcing “Blue lives matter.”

Because we feel that spray paint and slogans are an inefficient method to discuss important civic principles, our minister has offered another way. We will not seek the arrest and punishment of the person or persons who committed this vandalism, but are hoping they will join us in a discussion forum next Sunday, October 8, at 12:30 pm in our meetinghouse.

We are all humans; we are all Americans and every life matters regardless of the color of skin or uniform. “Matterhood” is not a zero sum game. Asserting the importance of one group does not diminish the inherent worth and dignity of another. We earnestly invite those who feel differently than we do to join us in a peaceful exploration of this unhappy conflict.

Again, our address is 9 Vance Road, Rock Tavern (New Windsor), NY 12575, Forum on Sunday, October 8, 12:30 pm. My phone number is 917-647-7893.


Mike Landrum

Board President, UUCRT