Thanks for Doing Your Part!

Dear Members and Friends –

I’m very happy to report that Linda Mangelsdorf has been appointed to the Board of Trustees and will participate on Skype during those periods when she is traveling. We thank Twila Smith for completing two full terms – six years in all!

Brett Bauman, whose shop is in nearby Campbell Hall, will be making the chalice emblem to hang above our entry and at last fulfill the wish of Anne Beck, our late member and benefactor. Brett is a soft-spoken young blacksmith, comfortable with the heat, hammer and anvil needed to turn stiff and resistant iron into graceful works of art. His mother-in-law, Mary Mulrooney, an old friend and former UUCRT member, gave us his contact info. We’re grateful that we have such friends and artisans to draw on for this important project. We hope to mount the new chalice this July.

Our thoughts are with David Bell whose sister Cathy passed away in early May in Alaska where she was working for the National Parks Service. On June 23, a memorial service was held for Cathy, organized by David and his family at the Masonic Lodge in Tenafly, NJ. Terri Pahucki officiated the service and several UUCRT members attended including Verne Bell, Barbara Hultgren, Laura Bair, Diane Diachishin and Linda Mangelsdorf.

We’re glad to report that Jeanette Lamb and her daughter Tessa have stepped forward to take on the Free Trade Coffee concession, which was so ably begun by Rev. Chris’s children.

Several fresh faces are showing up regularly at Sunday Services including Jonathan Beckenstein, Amy Kaufman, Nora Howard-Gallardo, and Karen Hintze. Jonathan, Amy and Nora have also joined the Social Action Ministry.

Any organization like ours depends on its members to pitch in with all sorts of tasks in order to thrive. In fact, the more service you provide, the more fun you can have. Coffee hour is a time when we all need to enjoy the tasks of setting up and putting away in order to get the most out of building our essential and blessed community.

Thanks for doing your part!


Mike Landrum

Writing for the Board of Trustees