Too Tall’s Transition

(Editor’s Note: This article, by Anne Quick, a good friend of the congregation, is published courtesy of Animal Wellness Magazine, Volume 19, Issue 5,

By Anne Quick

As an Animal Intuitive, I literally talk to animals, both alive and in spirit. Whether or not you believe this is possible, I ask that you suspend your disbelief and listen to my story about Too Tall, my best friend and heart dog, who made his transition last year. Too Tall was a retired racing greyhound who broke his leg during a race in May of 2008. I adopted him four months later. He was a tall and handsome brindle who stole everyone’s heart. You could not help being affected by him; in fact, he told me he was here on Earth to not only teach and help me, but to teach and help everyone he came in contact with.

All animals are our teachers. They come into our lives to teach us about unconditional love, and to help us learn our life lessons. Too Tall helped me learn that I’m loved and worthy of love. He came into my life at a time when I really needed a friend. He helped me through my mother’s death from breast cancer, my severe depression and resulting hospitalizations. He was my rock during a very difficult time. I could always count on him when I needed some love and a snuggle.

On September 7 of last year, I found out that Too Tall was in liver failure, and likely had liver cancer. I knew without hesitation that saying goodbye was the right thing to do. He was suffering and had been for weeks. We set up an appointment for Too Tall to be euthanized at 3 pm the following day, which meant we had less than 24 hours left.

That night, I took Too Tall on a walk. We spent several hours lying together under the stars near a lake. I told him I wasn’t sure what I was going to do without him. I do have another greyhound named Kelly, and I love her of course, but she isn’t as affectionate as Too Tall, and is more independent and aloof.

The next day, I was lying next to Too Tall on the floor. Again I said, “I don’t know what I’m going to do without you.” In my mind, I heard Too Tall say, “Don’t worry, I will always be there. Kelly is going to take my place. We’ve had a talk.” I found comfort in this, but still wasn’t sure how I was going to handle having Too Tall around. Over the next day or two, he showed me./Novemb7 71

Both dogs always travelled with me. If I could take them somewhere, I would. They were both therapy dogs as well, so we often went to schools, libraries and other places. During the trip, Too Tall always

laid down in the back of my SUV, while Kelly constantly changed positions. When we stopped, I didn’t open the hatch until both dogs were lying down, so that I could attach their leashes before they jumped out. Too Tall would already be lying down, but I would have to wait a couple of seconds for Kelly to follow suit. But on Too Tall’s last day, when we arrived at the vet’s office, it was Kelly who was lying down. I had to wait a little for Too Tall to lie down as well. I noticed the difference but attributed it to mere coincidence. I should have known better.

Before Too Tall passed, I told him I was going to miss his smell. I have never noticed another person’s or animal’s smell the way I did Too Tall’s. I would often receive weird looks from people because I loved to smell his neck. As I was lying with Too Tall in the lobby of the vet’s office, I buried my nose in his neck to get one last whiff. To my surprise, his smell was not there. Too Tall told me he was already starting to transition, and that if I noticed his smell after his passing, it would mean he was letting me know he was with me.

As we drove home from the vet after Too Tall was euthanized, Kelly lay down the whole time, the way he used to. The next morning, I noticed Kelly was acting like Too Tall in the way she moved, and in the positions she took. She even came over and nudged me the way Too Tall did. At one point, I was looking at Too Tall’s empty bed and thinking to myself, I wish I could smell you. I then received an intuitive hit to smell Kelly. Sure enough, she smelled like Too Tall! I then saw Too Tall in my mind’s eye, rolling over as if laughing hysterically. He loved it that I kept being surprised!

Through the rest of that day, I lost count of the number of signs Too Tall sent me – through a song on the radio, for example, or in the clear shape of a racing greyhound in the clouds. I also find it’s much

easier to talk to him now that he has transitioned to spirit. He told me he would always be with me, and he certainly showed me how Kelly was taking his place. I should have known the first time Kelly acted like Too Tall was no coincidence, as there are none.

I want to share this story to reassure others that our loved ones, human and animal, are always with us. We just need to ask and they will send us signs. We then need to trust that what we receive is in fact a message, and not a coincidence. Death is merely a transition, and just as in life, animals remain our loving teachers.