Wandering Pilgrims

We find the Holy in so much. We Unitarian Universalists are wandering pilgrims. There is no Mecca for us to face during prayer. There is no one single shrine that we approach with our bodies bent in prayer. There is no spit of land that is sacred above all others. There is no holiest of holies.

These words, from my colleague, Susan Maginn, a UU minister serving in the Navy Chaplain Corps, seem an apt introduction to our theme for the month- wandering. If we are, as Chaplain Maginn claims, wandering pilgrims, then our life together should be a wanderful life. I invite you to explore this theme with your ministerial leadership team. Do you identify as a wandering pilgrim? If so, what does that identity mean to you, and how have you arrived at it? How do you feel to be a wanderer? Where is there joy in wandering? Where is there anxiety and concern? What is the purpose of our wandering? How might we support one another as we wander together? And is there a cost to wandering, an unintended consequence perhaps even?  I find these questions intriguing; I hope you do too.


See you on Sunday,


Chris J. Antal