Wanted: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) donations for VA hospital

Rev. Antal, our minister, who also serves as a VA chaplain in Philadelphia, is appealing for your help. He writes:

Protective Gear in the national stockpile is nearly depleted, and supply chains for VA hospitals are in jeopardy, while the number of Veterans suffering and dying from COVID19 grows. On March 26 the head of UPenn Medicine predicted Philadelphia is two weeks behind New York City, with the surge expected to begin around April 9.

Here is a way you can contribute now: VA is accepting Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) donations such as Eye protection, approved for medical use gloves, clothes protection (bunny suit), and N95 or procedure face masks. Reach out to your neighbors, who may be hoarding these essential items, and speak to their conscience.
All donations can be mailed:
Voluntary Service Department, South Elevator 6th Floor
3900 Woodland Avenue # 135
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Voluntary Services can provide receipt for your donation if you include a return address.

For an update of VA cases nationwide as well as the VA COVID19 response plan visit here.
Thank you for considering this request.